KRISHNA KUMAR P., The man, Sexual Problems And Their Cure


A few words

 Ever since I have taken the responsibility of writing thematic books on homoeopathy, I have written six or even small books which have been selected for publication by M/s Jain Publishers of Delhi.

 When I received a letter from Sri Kuldeep Jain requesting me to send my current book titled « Sexual Problems in Males-their Cure », so that they could publish it along with my one other book already with them, I was laid up in bed with my old spinal trouble, unable even to turn freely in bed.

 By the grace of God, I recovered from my illness sooner than I had anticipated, under homoeopathic treatment. This enabled me to complete this work and send it to my publishers.

 The idea of writing this type of a book germinated long back when I was working in Rajasthan. There I had come across a patient who had been suffering from heavy loss of semen.  He had no control over his nightly emissions, wich were a regular feature of his life. A stage had come when what was discharged as semen was just a thin watery odourless substance without any stickiness.


 After years of study on this subject and collecting data from as many reliable books as I could gather, I have at last compiled this book wich, I believe, will be well received by the profession.

 I dedicate this book to all men who silently suffer humiliation due to the sexual disability in most cases thrust upon them by their own ignorance of the laws of nature and indulging in wasteful adventures.

 4th February 1995    P. Krishna Kumar

 Baithakji Mandir,

 Kewda Baug,

 Baroda (390001)



 Sexual inefficiency is a bane in male fraternity. 

 The cause lies in the abuse of sexual powers.  This leads to the loss of vital fluid.  The consequence, as we all know, is inefficiency in sex life.

 How sad it is when, the pitiful, woebegone young man, heart-broken over his past life of excesses of secret vice, marries and finds himself impotent.

 He may have had gonorrhoea. Now he suffers from cold genital, emission without erection, prostatic discharge at stool.

 The degradation does not end there.  It will be accompanied by distressing symptoms.  Loss of memory will be the most prominent sign.  It is followed by despair and suicidal thoughts.  Anxiety will be a constant companion.  Fear and peevishness will be the two attendants whom he cannot shake off.

 They suffer from headaches.  Nervous breakdown is common occurrence in them.

 He may soon take a hacking cough, with night sweats.  The limbs will be tired and cold.  He will begin to seek solitude and remain quiet.

 Exertion will intensify his complaints.


 Doctors may finally declare that he has neurasthenia.

 Another aspect of the malady :

 Impotency is also caused by continual suppression of sexual appetite.

 Widows and widowers, who have been suddenly deprived of their sexual activities, will develop mental symptoms.  The nervous system will be wrecked and they will show trembling etc.

 When in a state of considerable vigour, if a man or woman is deprived of this or her share of sexual gratification, he or she will take on a state of trembling weakness, will be unable to sustain any mental effort, will be unable to concentrate upon things said by others.

 Strangely, these changes will not be so apparent in the case of a woman.  But when it has set in, you will find congestion of uterus and ovaries.

 The cure follows, if it is not too late, a careful study of the whole case and selecting the appropriate homoeopathic medicine.  The pathognomonic symptoms have to be collected for the purpose of making a diagnosis.  But a homoeopathic physician has to search for a similar state in materia medica wich can help him to choose a similar remedy.

 It would be apt to quote Dr. Kent here : « Had Psora never been established upon human race,


 the other two chronic miasms viz., Syphilis and Sycosis, would have been impossible, and the susceptibility to acute diseases would have been impossible »

 Writing about Psora, Dr Kent adds that « in the instance of this miasm, man must have begun to will the things that were the outcome of this false thinking.  As a consequence there has evolved an aura from him which is vicious in its proportions to his departure from virtue and justice into evil. »

 The diseases that have dawned upon human race are but the outward expressions of man’s deranged interior.

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Materia medica


 Characteristics of patient

 Another form of ‘worm wood’, Absinthium is of interest as a medicine. You will find its usefulness from cases of its abuse as a drink.  It produces damaging results like delirium and epileptic spasms.

 Patient is haunted by hallucinations. He is susceptible to frightful visions.  During these conditions he develops an irresistible tendency to steal, though for no apparent reason.

 Mental conditions

 He is forgetful.  Does not remember things that have taken place recently.  His approach to life is brutal.  He is generally a nervous type of person.

 Physical symptoms

 If such a patient becomes a victim of spermatorrhoea with relaxed parts, you can think of Absinthium.

 You will find pain in the back after intercourse.  There will be oozing of white substance from glans.

 His desire for sex increases.  Erections will be mechanical and painful.

 Dr Kent states with confidence that this medicine can cure gonorrhoea.  A patients waits for urine to start.  Urine dribbles after completion of urination. It is also useful in chordee.  The discharge that emanates is yellow.

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 Agnus castus

 Characteristics of patient

 This drug chooses to point its guns at sexual organism.  It first lowers the sexual vitality.  Next it brings about mental depression.  The consequence of this is loss of nervous energy.

 Though its effects are more predominant on males, it does not leave females either.

 The abuse of sexual power leads to premature old age.

 You can expect sycotic background in such insipid patients.

 Mental conditions

 The patient is afraid of death.  In his melancholic mood he imagines that death is imminent.

 With all vigour gone, he remains absent minded, forgetful, and lacks courage to face life.

 A very peculiar condition in him is an acute sense of smell.  He scents ‘musk’ where it is not.

 Physical symptoms

 The discharge from urethra is yellow (indicating gonorrhoeal history).

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 There is practically absence of erections.  Completely impotent.  Parts are cold and relaxed.  Absolute loss of desire ;  (you can consider : Selen, Con., and Sabad. Also).

 The emissions will be minimum and without any ejaculation.

 Gonorrhoeal patients will have a gleety discharge.

 Testicules will be cold, swollen and painful.

 Dr. Hering observes complete loss of sexual desire in Agnus patients.  He says that penis will remain small, flaccid and cold.  He finds harness of testicles.  He adds that voluptuous thoughts will not bring on any erections.

 Dr. J.T.  Kent suggests this remedy in advanced neurasthenia.  Dr .E.A.  Farrington finds it very useful when the mind is greatly depressed.  He advocates it for spermatorrhoea of sinners and adds that sexual appetite will be completely gone in them.

 Comparing this condition with those of other medicines he observes that Calc. Ostrearum is useful where the sexual desire is more of a mental state than a physical condition.  The recognising factor is that a man (after an abuse of this kind) would settle down to a moral and quiet life.

 Discorea is also very effective where there is excessive loss of semen, with weakness of legs, especially about kness.

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 Anacardium orientale

 Characteristics of patient

 Proved by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Anacardium patient is a neurasthenic with nervous dyspepsia relieved by eating.

 Mental conditions

 Dr. Kent describes Anacardium as full of strange notions and ideas.  Mind seems to be feeble to the point of imbecility.  Memory is impaired.  Depression nags him all the time.  He is tempered with irritability.

 In the background one will find syphilis.

 A wavering state of mind persists.  You can say irresolution marks his character.

 A peculiar feature is students’ fear of appearing in examinations.

 The natural concomitant of the general condition is : He will be averse to work.  He loses selfconfidence.  Develops a tendency to curse and swear.

 Talking about hallucinations, Dr. Kent adds that Anacardium patient feels as if a demon sits on one shoulder and an angel on the other. He feels as though he has two wills, one forcing him to turn evil.  Indeed this drug acts deeply on mind. Dr. Farrington concurs with this and adds that one will commands him to do what the other forbids.

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 Eating relieves temporarily all this discomforts. (Dr. W. Boericke asserts that this is a sure indication verified often by him).

 Physical symptoms

 Itching is accompanied by desire for sensuous gratification.  You will find  desire increased in him.  Emissions during sleep not preceded by any voluptuous dreams.

 Discharge of prostatic fluid during stool.

 Argentum nitricum

 General conditions

 Originally introduced by Dr. S. Hahnemann, but fully proved by Dr. J.O.  Mulles this drug has many brain and spinal symptoms.  Some of the notable symptoms are : Inco-ordination ; loss of control over mind and body ; trembling in affected parts ; inflammation of throat ; desire for sweets ; splinter-like pains ; muco-purulent discharges.

 Withered and dried up patients invite this medicine.

 Mental conditions

 He is fearful, nervous and impulsive-tries to jump out of window.

 Dr. Hering makes this remark : The sight of tall houses makes him dizzy.  He fears that the tall

 PAGE 16 houses on either side will come forward and crush him.

 Dr. Kent finds many disturbing mental symptoms which turn Arg. nit. Patient into imagining all sorts of things that torment him.  His anxiety drives him to go out and walk and walk till he is exhausted.

 Further he anticipates attacks of serious diseases and turns melancholic.

 One more peculiarity with him is : time passes very slowly (Can. Ind., Med.). He wants to do things in a hurry (Lilium).

 Memory is weak and commits mistakes of perception.

 Physical symptoms

 His physical condition is so weak that erection fails when he attempts coition.  You will not find any desire in him.  Genitals will be shrivelled.

 Avena sativa

 Physical and mental symptoms

 Its action can be felt on brain and nervous system.  It is useful in conditions of nervous exhaustion and sexual debility.  Material doses will help in exhaustive diseases.  Sleeplessness of alcoholics is cured by this remedy.  The patient will not be able to keep his mind on any single subject.

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 Too much indulgence in sex leads to impotency and spermatorrhoea.

 Baryta carbonica

 Characteristics of patient

 It is indicated in people born mentally and physically backward.  They are dwarfish with stunted growth and swollen abdomen.  They are susceptible to cold and enlarged tonsils.

 Old men with degenerative changes taking place need Baryta carb.  They have hypertrophied prostate gland and indurated testicles.

 Mental condition

 We find Baryta carb adapted to ailments taking place at the extremities of life, i.e.  old age and childhood.

 Adults, especially old people, are averse to meet strangers.  They shun to approach unfamiliar people.  They have an inherent fear of the presence of others.  These more often than not will give a case history of masturbation and seminal emissions.

 Physical symptoms

 When we talk about « dwarfishness » of Baryta carb, we do not always mean small stature.  We refer to dwarfishness of mind also.  If we say it is just opposite of precocity, may be you will understand it clearly.

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 Dr. Kent refers to some strange features of sexual organs.  He says that this medicine has the ability to take away all sexual desire and ability.  This leaves the genitals relaxed and in a condition of impotency.  Consider : Thuja, Arg. nit., Dig.)

 Dr. Farrington is of opinion that Baryta carb will follow well as complement Antim tart. in the complaints of old people.

 It cures old gleety discharge from urethra.  It may have been there for a long time.  It is offensive, with no inflammation.

 Numbness of the genitals.

 Dr. Talcott records a peculiar mental symptom of Baryta carb : « The patient thinks his legs were cut off and that he has to walk on his kness »

 Caladium seguinum

 Characteristics of patient

 Caladium is a wonderful remedy.  It is a difficult one to understand.  The reason for this could be that the prover did not realise how to describe the symptoms. 

 One important thing is that he is very forgetful.  He  can not remember the place where he has kept something.

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 This vague state of mind may be a precursor to insanity.  A state of absent-mindedness.  Feebleminded people, unable to perform intellectual work.

 Physical symptoms

 This forgetfulness could be seen in mentally and physically prostrated persons from excesses in sexual life.

 Prescribe this remedy for old debauchees who are no longer able to perform the marital act.  They do crave for the opposite sex without the necessary power to do the act.  Their ideas will be filled with lascivious thoughts.  They go to the extent of standing on the street corners to gaze upon the passing forms of young girls.  (This state can also be found in Picric acid and Selenium).

 You can cure them if only they are prepared to mend their ways.  Without raising his will power a cure is difficult.


 In general he is worse from warmth and feels better by cool open air.

 Dr. Kent observes that this drug can wean a patient away from his cigar and remove the great urge for tobacco. 

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 Calcarea carbonica

 Characteristics of patient

 This remedy is suited to cases of defective growth.  It has action on vegetative system affecting the process of digestive secretions and absorption of food.  It is the remedy when you desire to change the constitution for better.  The patient is fat, plump and rather bloated than solid.  He is peevish and self-willed particularly towards morning.  You will find the head disproportionately large.

 Mental symptoms

 « Whimpering, low-spirited and melancholic », that is how Dr. Kent describes a Calc carb patient.  You will find both will power and intelligence equally disturbed in Cal. Carb.  On the one hand you may find antipathy to his family, on the other he may have the affections but not the intelligence to do the correct thing.

 He is afraid that something dreadful will take place.

 Physical symptoms

 The Calc carb patient is weak sexually.  He has general relaxation and weakness.  Inordinate desire makes him wake up at night.  But he is so weak that his back will refuse to give support, making him sweat and give up his intentions. 

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 Dr. Farrington relates this drug with some other medicines like Nux vom. and Sulphur for sexual weakness arising from masturbation and other sexual indulgence.  The sexual desire in Calc. Carb. Will be great but it is more mental than physical.  Erections are diminished and imperfect during coition, emission is premature.

 He adds that after an abuse of this kind patient settles down to a moral and quiet life.

 Cannabis indica

 Characteristics of patient

 Cannabis indica has the capacity to produce extra-ordinary hallucinations.  He has an exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space.

 Much used in Asian countries, it produces wonderful mental phenomena, far exceeding opium in effects.

 The two central points are : delusions as to distance and as to time.

 The patient tells that he is hungry and has not eaten for several months, when the dishes he has consumed may not have been taken away yet from the dining table.

 Or while looking out of the window he tells that certain object is many yards away whereas it may be just a few feet away.

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 Cantharis is a superior drug for gonorrhoea when chordee is well marked.  His urge will be very strong with painful erection due to the frenzy of desire.

 The sexual instinct crosses all decency.  He sings lewd songs.  He prattles on the subject of human genitals.  He raves on subjects which no sound person will ever think of uttering in public.

 The penis will be inflamed from coitus.  Still the frenzy continues.

 Carboneum sulphuratum

 Characteristics of patient

 It is a remedy with great depth of action.  It is frequently indicated but very often neglected.

 The guiding symptom is : « Strong desire for open air and open window ».

 Another important symptom is the gradual shrinking of all muscles ending in emaciation.

 It acts deeply on broken down constitutions after abuse of alcohol.

 Lack of vital heat.

 Impotence and sciatica come under the therapeutic ambit of this medicine.

 Mental conditions.

 He is irritable.  Anxiety follows him like a dog.  He is very intolerant of everything.

 PAGE 25

 Sluggishness of mind is a marked symptom.

 Hallucinations with changing moods.

 Physical symptoms

 Complete loss of desire.  Parts will be atrophied.  Emissions will be frequent and profuse.

 Carbo vegetabilis

 A typical Carbo veg patient is sluggish, fat and lazy with a tendency to chronicity of his complaints.

 Body becomes blue and icy cold.  A lowered vitality from loss of fluids after long standing diseases.  It is useful in old people.

 The guiding symptoms are : Patient appears almost lifeless; the head will be not hot ;  breath is cold ; pulse imperceptible ; quickened respiration ; craves for air ; must be fanned ; will ask to open the windows.

 Mental condition

 He will be avers to be left alone in darkness.  He is afraid of ghosts.

 Physical symptoms

 Discharge of prostatic fluid at stool.

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 China officinalis

 Characteristics of patient

 Debility from exhaustive discharges runs through the complaints of China off.  Debility is caused by the loss of vital fluids.

 Periodicity is a marked symptom.

 He is sensitive to draughts.

 you should never think of this remedy in any acute disease.

 Mental condition

 He is indifferent, disobedient, taciturn, despondent.  Crowding of ideas in mind which prevents sleep.  He has a disposition to hurt the feelings of others.

 Dr. Farrington mentions about a peculiar condition of mind where a patient sees persons and objects on closing eyes.  They disappear as soon as the eyes are opened.

 Physical symptoms

 He is excited by least lascivious thoughts.  Emissions will be frequent and exhaustive.

 The striking feature is the weakness of the genital organs.  It is indicated in conditions following sexual excess or secret vice ;  These patients become feeble, suffer from sleeplessness ant turn irritable.

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 The consequence of abuse are observed in mind.

 Weakness of mind.  Inability to think.  Full of fear of night.  Desires to commit suicide.  But lacks the necessary courage.  He dreads work.

 With the exhaustive discharges the patient becomes drowsy.  Pupils will be dilated.  Breathing turns rapid.  Surface of the body will be cool.

 Dr. Farrington assures that if any vitality is left in the patient China off will restore him to health.

 The medicines to compare with it are : Ars., and Carbo veg.  Slight feels unbearable.  He dreads the approach of others lest they touch him.  But strangely firm pressure gives him relief.

 Cobaltum metallicum

 Characteristics of patient

 This metal is most adapted to neurasthenic spinal states.  It causes sexual disturbances, agitation and bone pains.  He is aggravated in the morning.

 Mental conditions

 Any mental excitement intensifies the suffering.  Moods change frequently.

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 Physical symptoms

 you will observe pain in right testicle.  The pain subsides on passing urine.  There will be emissions without erections.

 Impotence is the key symptom of this drug.  It is accompanied by backache, particularly in lumbar region.  Legs give way.

 His sleep is disturbed by lewd dreams.

 There will be greenish discharge with pain in the end or urethra.  Brown spts will be seen on genitals.

 The backache of Cabaltum is accompanied by seminal emissions whether voluntary or involuntary.  It is worse particularly while sitting.


 Erythroxylon coca

 Characteristics of patient

 He feels shy in company.  He is ill at ease amongst strangers.  He prefers solitude.  Would like to lead a life of obscurity.  He reaches a stage where the sense of right and wrong is wiped out from him.  He is pestered by depressing moods.

 Physical symptoms

 When diabetes is accompanied with impotency you can use this medicine for better results (Phos. Acid.)

 Conium maculatum

 Characteristics of the patient.

 It is a deep, long-acting anti-psoric medicine.  It establishes a state  of disorder in the economy that is lasting.  It disturbs almost all the tissues of the body.

 The effects produced by poison hemlock – believed to be the cause of death of Socrates, the great Greek philosopher – are seen in old age, a period of weakness, languor, local congestion and sluggishness.

 It is very useful in debility of old persons with urinary troubles and sexual inefficiencies.

 The guiding symptoms are : sentation as if bruised by blows debility in the morning in bed ; weakness of body and mind.

 Mental condition

 When you look at the mental state you will think that the patient is delirious.  But it is not quite so.  It is a slow forming weakness of the mind.  He thinks slowly.  Unobtrusively he travels towards a state of imbecility.

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 Conium has a slow, passive character.  Takes no interest in anything.  A ‘two-week’ recurring of attacks of sadness.  Sits in a corner and mopes.

 Physical symptoms

 Weakness of the sexual powers.  He may have over-powering sexual desire.  Yet he is important.  Emissions without dreams.  Painful ejaculation.

 Catarrhal state of seminal vesicles desire, causes insufficient erections.  Lasts only a short time.

 Swelling and induration of testicles.  Discharge of prostatic fluid on every change of emotion.

 Dr Farrington asserts that when a physician treats a patient for sexual disability he should look into the mental state of the patient  and find out whether there is a picture of hypochondriasis, whether he is melancholic, whether he is averse to society and yet fears to be alone.  Then, he adds, one can select this remedy.

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 Digitalis purpurea

 Characteristics of patient

 You think of Digitalis when the heart is primarily involved with weak, irregular and intermittent pulse.

 Bluish appearance of face with cardiac muscular failure.  Prostration from slightest exertion.

 Mental condition

 We find despondency writ large on his face.  He will not be certain of this future and naturally worried.  His senses are dulled.

 Physical symptoms

 He is vexed with nightly emissions.  Finds genitals weak after coition.  Scrotum enlarged like a bladder.  

 He will have a background of gonorrhoea.  Oedema of prepuce.  Dropsical swellings of genitals.

 Dr. Kent is of opinion that Digitalis is very useful in old cases of enlarged prostate gland.  There will be intense desire to pass urine.  When urine cannot be passed even after catheter Digitalis will be the remedy.

 Dr. Kent further adds that this drug can be used in cases of ongstanding spermatorrhoea and nightly emissions.  Men addicted to secret vice for yeards need this medicine.

 PAGE 32

 Dr. Farrington reports that Digitalis produces violent erections, even chordee when there is a history of gonorrhoea.  He adds that it is one of the best medicines for nightly emissions – even without dreams.  The emissions are always followed by weakness.

 Dioscorea villosa

 Characteristics of patient

 This medicine, prepared out of wild yam (edible tubes of a tropical climbing plant), raks with polychrests of our materia medica.

 It is found useful in affections of abdominal and pelvic viscera.  It effectively cures many of the pains, especially colic.  Use this medicine on persons of feeble digestive power.

 Mental conditions

 He has the habit of calling things by the wrong name.

 Physical symptoms

 The organs are cold and relaxed.  Pains shoot into testicles from the region of kidneys.

 Strong smelling sweat on scrotum and pubes.

 Emissions take place in sleep.  Knees are weak from sexual atony.  This is an excellent medicine for atonic seminal emissions.

 PAGE 33

 Dr. Farrington states that the emissions occur two or three times in a single night with dreams.  The following day he will be weak, particularly about knees.  He also advises using it in 12th or 30th potency.

 The penis becomes as flabby as a rag due to self-defilement or masturbation.

 The prepuce when it is withdrawn behind the glans penis will not have the contractibility to replace itself.

 The sure indication of this drug in excessive seminal loss is the weakness of legs, particularly about the knees.

 Gelsemium sempervirens

 Characteristics of patient

 If you will observe the weather conditions in extreme climates you realise that people, when exposed, come down with complaints that grow very rapidly and violently.  That is where Belladonna and Aconitum nap come handy.

 But Gelsemium complaints do not appear that way.  They come with a degree of slowness.  The people who contract colds etc. are themselves very slow.  Their organs are slow and their reaction is slow.

 Gelsemium is a remedy for warm climate.  The colds and fevers of milder climates will need this medicine.

 PAGE 34

 This remedy is used in acute troubles.  It is not the medicine for chronic miasms.  It is a short acting drug.

 Mental condition

 He does not relish to be bothered by others.  He prefers solitude.  He is vexed by fear complex and is emotionally excited.

 He has marked stage fright.  He does not want to appear on stage.

 Physical symptoms

 Dr. Farrington observed that the sexual condition of this patient is nearly that of an impotent person.  He suffers from frequent involuntary emissions at night.  The organs are relaxed ;  There will not be any lascivious dreams.  He will have cold sweat on the scrotum.  You will find a case history of masturbation.

 Dr Kent remarks that the sexual organs will be in the same condition as the patient in general.  He will be unable to perform the sex act.

 Note :

 Dr. Farrington says that this yellow flowering plant is highly poisonous and causes sluggishness in thought and emotion in the initial paretic action on muscles.  Later due to its toxic effect the sphincter muscles remain open, unable to hold faeces.  Urine escapes without restraint.

 In final stages heart muscles give out and patient dies.

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 Characteristics of patient

 Like all carbons this remedy is also antipsoric.  It selects its action rather stout, fair complexioned persons with susceptibility to skin eruptions.

 Dr. Farrington finds some similarities with Ferrum met and Arsenicum alb.  It is compared with Ferrum where the symptoms relate to anaemia and irregularities or circulation of blood. It acts as a complementary to Arsenic in many of the skin symptoms.

 Dr. W. Boericke observes a tendency towards obesity in this medicine.

 Mental condition

 He is very timid ans starts easily.  He is unable to take decisions. He dislikes work.  Turns fidgety while working.  He weeps while listening to music.

 Apprehension, despondency and indecision are the three companions of Graphites patient.

 Physical symptoms

 His sexual debility leads to aversion towards coition. You will not find any ejaculation.  You will find herpetic eruptions on organs.

 PAGE 36

 Dr. Kent finds the patient so excited as to have ejaculation soon after the intromission.  The opposite condition is also present when the patient will dislike coition and erection will be lacking.

 It cures gleety viscid discharge from urethra.  It also cures swollen testes.

 Juglans regia

 Specific symptoms

 Dr. Allen records burning in penis after coition.  There will be abrasions where prepuce joins penis.  Thereafter you will observe suppuration.

 Gradually these ulcers become large, their margins become hard and base turns fatty.  You will find it bleeding on slight pressure.

 Kalium bromatum

 Characteristics of patient

 Bromide of potassium acts in two opposite directions : it decreases reflex action and it depresses the mind.  The first one has led to its frequent use in the treatment of epilepsy.

 The second causes failure of mental powers, loss of memory and melancholia.

 It also produces loss of sexual desire.

 Mental condition

 Acute mania.  Sleeplessness and strange imaginations.  Feels as if he is pursued by demons.  That he is hated by everybody.  That his honour is at stake.

 These hallucinations lead to violent acts like trying to commit suicide to avoid the supposed trying to commit suicide to avoid the supposed danger.

 Religious depression.

 Physical symptoms

 Debility with impotence as a consequence of sexual excesses.

 Kalium phosphoricum

 Characteristics of patient

 It is one of the most useful remedies for nervous disorders.  Mental and physical depressions are wonderfully improved under this remedy.

 It is clinically verified with laudable results in the states of adynamia and decay, gangrenous conditions.

 Mental condition

 Anxiety, nervous dread and lethargy are the mainstay of this drug.

 Kali phos patient is reluctant to meet people.


 He is too lazy.  Depression is a constant companion.  He starts easily and is irritable.  He walks in sleep.  Memory is lost.  Least effort makes him feel tired.

 He is also shy that he refuses to converse with others.

 Physical symptoms

 He is vexed by nocturnal emissions.  Sexual power is very much diminished.  Prostration after coitus (Lali carb.).  Dr. Kent has remarked that the patient will be troubled with erections in the morning and during the night though he does not feel the desire.  They turn violent during morning.  Frequent seminal emissions take place with erections.

 Glans penis will be inflamed.

 All sexual passion will be obliterated.  It is suitable to over sensitive and delicate persons worn out and broken down from sexual excesses and vices.

 Kalium sulphuricum

 Characteristics of patient

 This is formed by uniting two very deep acting remedies.  Schuessler was the first to show the curative powers of it.  These were verified clinically by Dr. Kent.

 PAGE 39

 It has the power to cure many desquamating skin affections.  The patient craves fresh and even cold air and he is ameliorated in open air.

 Aggravation is seen when he exerts  himself or when he becomes heated.

 He is sluggish and wants to lie down but lying down in bed aggravates.  He must walk about to ameliorate his suffering.

 Mental symptoms

 He is easily angered.  Is irritable and obstinate.  He feels anxious in evening in bed.  Frightened at trifles.  Is always in a hurry.

 Mental symptoms aggravated from sexual excesses.

 Physical symptoms

 Induration of testes.  Inflammation of glans penis.  Orchitis.  Itching of genitals and scrotum.  The sexual desire is diminished or entirely lost.  Impotency.

 Lycopodium clavatum

 Characteristics of patient

 The sphere of action of this medicine is very broad and covers all the three miasms.  The need for administering this drug arises whenever there is evidence of urinary or digestive disturbances.

 PAGE 40

 You observe a predominance of symptoms on the right side.  They move from right to left and from above downwards.

 He is extremely sensitive to warm climate where head and spinal conditions are concerned.

 He lacks vital heat.  Is sensitive to cold.  All other symptoms except the head and spinal ones are ameliorated by warmth.

 Mental conditions

 Lycopodium patients are intellectually keen but lack in brawn.

 Depression holds him tight with fear of being alone.  He will be annoyed by little things.

 He is sensitive.  He is averse to undertaking new avocations.

 Strees leads to fear of breaking down mentally.

 He eats hurriedly.  Finds mind confused.  Writes wrong words.

 Physical symptoms

 Impotency with no erectible power.  Is haunted by premature emissions (Calad., Sel., Agnus).  Prostate gland is enlarged.

 Very rarely a remedy is said to act on all the three miasms.  But Lycopodium is anti-psoric, anti-syphilitic and anti-sycotic.  The credit goes to Dr. S. Hahnemann for introducing this deep-acting medicine.  A peculiarity of Lycopodium is that emaciation is observed more about the neck while lower extremities seem to be fairly well nourished.

 PAGE 41

 One recognisable symptom is flatulence-abdomen so distended that he can hardly breathe.

 Dr Kent gives more importance to Lycopodium that to Phos., and says that the former is best suited to persons with feeble vitality.

 It is used with best results in young persons who have abused themselves and have tired feeling in spine, brain and genital organs.  Such people when married find that they are not quite competent to perform the marital act.

 Dr. Farrington asserts that lycopodium is indicated in later stages of sexual deficiency where erections are either absent or imperfect.  The genitals remain cold and shrivelled.

 Lupulus humulus

 Physical symptoms

 You think of Lupulus after there has been a night’s debauch.  You will find the patient unstrung, with nausea, dizziness and headache in the next morning.

 He will have painful erections.  Emissions depend upon the extend of sexual weakness.  Onanism followed by emissions.  It is a good remedy for spermatorrhoea.

 PAGE 44


 Characteristics of patient

 When you look at a child, perhaps with asthma, or vicious catarrh of nose or eyelids, or may be ringworm on face or on scalp, you will begin to wonder whether the father was treated for obstinate gonorrhoea.  If so, this remedy will cure or put the child on the course of recovery.

 Though it will be wrong to make a sweeping statement like Medorrhinum in daytime and Syphilinum at night », yet to a greater extend Medorrhinum symptoms have an aggravation at daytime.

 All sycotic patients suffer from cold.  They lose flesh easily.  Walk stooped.  Become clumsy.  Appear as if the are shortly going consumptive.

 Medorrhinum will act quickly if there has been a history of gonorrhoea.

 Mental symptoms

 Memory is weak.  He loses thread of conversation.  Weeps while speaking.  For him time passes very slowly. (Can. ind. Arg. nit.)

 Patient is always in a great hurry.  Believes that he is incurable and will go mad.

 physical symptoms

 Those treated especially by injections for gonorrhoea may suffer from nocturnal emission and impotency.

 PAGE 43

 Prolonged gleety discharge with rheumatism may cause decline in health.  Medorrhinum is a good remedy for this condition.  It controls rheumatism and restores the discharge.

 It has cured induration of testes, says Dr. Kent.  Patients with gonorrhoeal background suffer from pain in left spermatic cord, in left sciatic nerve and from lumbago.


 Characteristics of patient

 Moschus produces many symptoms pertaining to nervous system.

 Excited as if he has consumed alcohol.  Pulse will be full and frequent.  Temperature may be slightly high.  There will be congestion of brain.  May speak rapidly and confusedly.  Scolds until the lips turn blue.  In the end he may fall unconscious.

 Many doctors, like dr. Wood, Dr Ringer, Dr Barthlow and others, have discarded this medicine for its strong odour.  But the experiments made by Dr Joerg and Dr Senderlin receive recognition because their recordings are incorporated in Dr Allen’s Encyclopaedia.

 Mental condition

 Dr. Kent describes the patient of Moschus as the most disobedient character.  He will be crafty and cunning.  He will see the every whim of his is gratified.  The symptoms can be covered under a single word, « hysteria ».

 PAGE 44

 While describing the symptoms the patient may add imaginary sensations.

 Moschus is very efficacious when the peculiar symptom, « one cheek red and cold and the other pale and hot », is present.  This indicates some hysterical perversion of mind.

 Physical symptoms

 It produces violent sexual excitement in male as well as in females.  There will be emissions without erection.  When impotency is associated with diabetes this medicine can be of great help (Coca).  The patient looks prematurely old.  Nausea and vomiting after coition.

 Natrium muriaticum

 Characteristics of patient

 Salt is a common item of diet.  It is hard to imagine that such a common item could have deep and long lasting effects on human system medicinally.

 If you consume crude salt in prescribed quantity there can be no constitutional changes in your body.  But taken in high attenuated power it can bring about constitutional changes for the better.

 PAGE 45

 Drugs should be administered in suitable form.  Higher potencies are needed to tap the secret springs deep in the economy.

 Experienced physicians know how to classify patients by their appearance.  A Natrum patient is typical.  His skin will be shiny.  He will be pale and waxy,  giving a greasy look.

 The prostration of Nat. Mur is typical.  He is emaciated, weak, with prostration of nervous character.

 Mental condition

 Affectional advances turned down bring on many complaints.  She will be unable to control her emotions.  Falls in love with a married man.  She feels helpless in such conditions.  Nat mur will turn her mind into order. She would look back in course of time and wonder how she could be so silly.

 Melancholy is a characteristic of this remedy.

 Where Ignatia would work superficially, Nat mur will act deeply in mental states.  You can therefore say that Nat mur is the chronic of Ignatia.


 There is aversion to bread, fats and rich things.  He is aggravated by noise.  A slamming of door upsets him.  He is also irritated by the ringing of the door bell, firing of a pistol and by music.

 PAGE 46

 Physical symptoms

 Dr Farrington gives a graphic descriptions of the action of Nat mur on male genital organs.

 It causes weakness of these organs.  It results in seminal emissions during sleep.  Debility and weakness follow these nightly emissions.

 The genitals are relaxed.

 Wet dreams may take place even after coitus. This may seem queer.  But the reason for this is that during the act of coitus, since erections are not strong enough to have complete ejaculation of semen, the seminal vesicles are note emptied fully.  Some irritation remains back there.  In sleep this irritation excites him resulting in emission.

 Due to persistent emissions the patient suffers from backache, night sweats, weakness of the legs etc.

 Natrum phos is also useful where the emissions take place every night.  In the erethism with lascivious dreams the patient suffers from weakness of the back and trembling of the knees.  Patient is so weak  that he feels that his knees would give way.

 Dr Farrington adds that gonorrhoea is curable by Nat mur, particularly when it is chronic.  The discharge will be thin, though yellowish.  He will have a cutting pain in urethra after he passes urine.

 Nitricum acidum

 Characteristics of patient

 It has special action on the outlets of the body where the mucous membranes meet the skin.

 The pains of Nit acid are splinter-like.  It is best suited to dark complexioned persons past their middle life.

 It is an anti-syphilitic remedy.

 Pains disappear as quickly as they appear.

 With the syphilitic background you will see blisters and ulcers in mouth, tongue and genitals which bleed easily.

 A marked symptom of Nit acid is its awful smell of all discharges like urine, faeces and perspiration.

 Dr. Hering recommends this remedy for lean persons of rigid fibre, dark swarthy complexion, black hair and ark eyes, with a nervous disposition.

 Persons suffering from chronic diseases invite this drug.  Dr Kent suggests this drug in broken down constitutions suffering more from physical than mental complaints.

 Mental conditions

 They are irritated very easily.  Headstrong.  Hate others  and are vindictive towards others.

 PAGE 48

 The despair very easily and lose hope of quick recovery.  There is a sensation as if the head is bound in a clamp.

 Physical symptoms

 You will find soreness and burning in glans and beneath the prepuce.  Ulcers burn and sting.  The exude offensive matter.  Sexual desire will be too strong in them.  They are excited very easily.  They suffer from painful and spasmodic erections at night.  This followed by burning in urethra.

 And sometimes the desire will be completely lacking.  In such state there will be no erections.

 Brown and red spots on glans penis wich is covered with scabs.  Itching of prepuce and moisture around glans.

 Inflammation and swelling of testicles.  Pain extends up the spermatic cord. 

 Violent itching of scrotum.

 Falling of hair from genitals is also observed.


 Complaints are worse from jar and noise.  He dislikes bread and meat.

 Dr Kent asserts that this medicine cures condylomata where there is a sensation of ‘splinter’.  The bleed easily, are sensitive to touch..

 PAGE 49

 Nuphar luteum

 The drug

 It produces nervous weakness with marked symptoms in sexual sphere.

 Physical symptoms

 You will find complete absence of sexual desire.  Parts are relaxed.  Penis retracted.  Impotency with involuntary emissions during stool or when urinating.  Spermatorrhoea.  Pain in testicles and penis.

 Dr. Herings adds that Nuphar patient will be unable to perform the generative act.

 Mental condition

 Any contradiction makes him impatient.  Excessive sensibility.

 He will be pained if he has to witness any suffering caused to animals.

 Nux vomica

 Characteristics of patient

 As far back as 1540 A.D.  one Valerius Cordus has written an accurate description of Nux vomica.

 It contains active principles of two alkaloids, viz., strychnia and brucia.

 PAGE 50

 Strychnia has well described symptomatology.  It causes restlessness, trembling of limbs, stiffness of neck etc.  Strychnia being the principal ingredient of Nux vomica one will observe the over-impressionability running trough all its symptoms.  It means that everything impresses the patient in excess.

 External impressions like sounds, odours and noises excite him.  You can as well say it is the characteristic of Nux vom.

 We fins Nux vom. Acting as a complementary to Sulphur.

 Nux vomica is best adapted to thin, spare patients.  It does not seem to act so well on fleshy subjects.  He is irritable, and is quick and active in his motions, saysDr. Farrington.

 To sum it up one can say that Nux patient is very strong in his mental powers but is much harmed by his sedentary habits.

 Mental condition

 The mental condition state is varied.  But there is general oversensitiveness, touchiness, and irritability running all through.

 He is dis-satisfied person. There is a lack of balance between the hectic mental activity and physical ability.

 PAGE 51

 Physical symptoms

 What all old debauchees, broken down by stimulants, sexual excesses and the worry and fret of business need is Nux vomica, and rest and constraint on stimulants, advises Dr. Kent.

 In gonorrhoea Nux is useful when the discharge is thin.  There will be an irritation far back in urethra.  It causes an uncomfortable feeling at the root of penis, with an urge for urination, and for stool also.  Dr Farrington says that Nux can relieve this condition. 

 Nux is very useful where there is an excess of sexual activity as well as in the bad effects of masturbation at early age.

 Right from Dr. S. Hahnemann, Nux vomica is used by physician along with Sulphur, Calc carb and Lycopodium.

 You prescribe Nux when the patient has headache, suffers from frequent emissions at night, particularly towards morning.  He will have backache and difficulty in walking.  Dr. Farrington advises to wait and watch the action of the remedy and when the progress seems to be standstill, complete the case with Sulphur.

 Calc carb is a good complementary to both Nux ans Sulphur.  The indicating symptoms are : night sweat follows every emission.  If newly married, every coitus is accompanied by weakness of mind and body.

 PAGE 52

 The question of administering Lycopodium comes at a very later stage.  There you will find that the case has advanced to almost impotency.  The erection will be either absent or imperfect.

 Further down the ladder of degradation you can use Staphysagria if the bad effects are due to masturbation, especially if you observe emaciation with dark rings underneath the eyes.  A sallow face with peevish eyes will stare you, without understanding your question.

 Cobaltum can come handy if the patient suffers from backache in the lumbar region as soon as the emissions take place.  These emissions may be voluntary or involuntary.

 Onosmodium virginianum

 Characteristics of patient

 Onosmodium patient lacks the power of concentration and cannot bring about co-ordination of physical activities.  Muscular prostration is very obvious.  This is associated with head and eye symptoms.  There is muscular tiredness and weakness of eyes. 

 The headache observed under this remedy is the result of eye strain.

 This remedy is found very efficacious in cases of sexual weakness.

 Both the sexes will find diminution of sexual desire.  Hence it is considered as one of the best remedies for sexual neurasthenia.

 The patient behaves as if he is tired right from birth.

 Mental condition

 He suffers from loss of memory.

 Physical symptoms

 Though physically handicapped for active sexual participation you will find him constantly excited with sexual thoughts.  He cannot contain his emissions.  Erections are deficient culminating in speedy discharge of seminal fluid.

 Phosphoricum acidum

 Characteristics of patient

 One peculiarity with the debility of Phosphoric acid is : The muscles seem to be strong enough even after the mind has given out.

 This condition is quite contrary to Muriatic acid. In this remedy the musuclar weakness sets in first and the mind appears to be clear till the muscles are prostrated.

 Phosphoric acid also has physical weakness wherein you find the back tired, so tired that muscles seem to be in the grip of paralytic weakness.

 PAGE 54

 It chooses young people for its action who grow very rapidly, who are over-worked, both mentally and physically.

 Continued debility leads to sexual incapacity.  Turns him away from cohabitation.  Complete loss of desire sets in.  There will be no erections.  Genital organs get relaxed in themidst of an embrace.  He feels incapable of finishing the act.


 Many of the complaints are better from keeping warm.  Lying absolutely quiet makes him feel better.  Exertion, whether it is mentaal or physical, makes him feel bad.

 Dr Kent talks about a peculiar state of the Acid phos. Patient.  All his complaints are ameliorated by their ending in diarrhoea.  Copious thin watery stool relieves his suffering.

 Mental condition

 It is indicated in constitutions ravaged by acute diseases, excesses in life, grief and loss of vital fluids.  He is a listless person with damaged memory (Anacard).  He is quite indifferent towards others.  It is hard for him to collect his thoughts.  He gropes for the right word.

 He does not grasp the point easily.  Comprehension sems to be lost.

 The cause for this kind of mental incapacity could be either unconsolable grief or mental shock.

 PAGE 55

 Physical symptoms

 you will observe sexual weakness in the patient.  Prolonged exhaustion causes impotency in people who have succumbed to masturbation.

 Nightly pollutions are accompanied by exhaustion.  Prostatic fluid escapes immediately after erection.  This state is noticed even after a soft stool.  Testicles are tender and swollen.  Parts get relaxed while embracing (Nux vom.).  Eczema of scrotum.  Oedema of prepuce.  Swollen glans penis.

 Dr. Hering says that first proved by Dr. S. Hahnemann, this remedy is very useful for those who are weak in mind, to whom any concentration of mind brings on dizziness, especially in morning.

 The patient develops hypochondria as a result of excessive sexual activity.

 He adds that it is one of the best remedies for the consequences of suppressed sexual desire.

 He also mentions about a peculiar sensation of crawling of insects like ants all over the body and on genitals.

 Urine passes in broken stream after coition.

 Dr Farrington tals about sensorial depression, where the patient is not inclined to answer your questions.  If at all he answers he will simply say yes or no. 

 PAGE 56

 In extreme cases of depression the patient may pass into stupor – a kind of stupid sleep, unconscious of all that take place around him.

 But we have to note that these symptoms are superficial and are circumscribed to sensory system and body in general.  They do not spread deep into the tissues bringing serious changes.

 Just as Ignatia is useful in acute cases of grief and its effects, so also is Acid phos. In chronic conditions of grief.

 Phos acid is far superior in its action to China off. In the chronic effects of loss of seminal fluids.  The latter is efficacious when the symptoms are of recent origin.

 A marked feature of the urine of Phos acid is that it is milky white.

 Note : Talking about the peculiar modality of Phos acid. Viz.  Amelioration from passing of copious stools, Dr. Kens xarns us not to try to stop it as it can cause chest troubles.


 Characteristics of patient

 Phosphorus is suitable for feeble constitutions, those who are born sick, grow slender with rapid growth.

 Delicate persons.  Waxy faced.  Anaemic looking.  Subjects that are emaciated.

 PAGE 57

 They are susceptible to electrical changes in the atmosphere.

 A prick of the needle would bring forth bright red blood.  Haemorrhage from wounds, nose, lungs, stomach, bladder and uterus.

 It has the ability to degenerate and irritate mucous membranes.  Inflammation of the serous membranes.  Inflammation of the spinal cord and nerves.

 Disorganisation of blood causing fatty degeneration of blood vessels is the cause behind haemorrhages.

 You will observe a picture of destructive metabolism in this drug.  When you see a tall, slender person weakened by loss of animal fluids, you will at once recognise the Phosphorus patient.

 He will be sensitive to light, sound, odour, touch and electrical changes and hides himself during thunder-storms.

 The symptoms will appear in a flash.

 you can use this medicine in bad effects of iodine and excessive use of salt. 

 It is useful in tertiary syphilis.

 Patient is worse by lying on left side.  Many of the complaints are relieved by eating.  The nervous disturbances drive him to eat.  As long as he is engaged in eating the nervous symptoms will be kept at a distance.

 PAGE 58

 Mental condition

 He is very low in spirits.  He gets vexed easily.  He is fearful of some horrible thing creeping out of every corner.  He starts easily.  He is afraid of death when alone.  There is loss of memory.

 Thinks too much of himself, verging on insanity.

 Physical symptoms

 Phosphorus provides many symptoms of male sexual organs.

 Strong sexual desire drives him frantic.  Erections are frequent and painful day and night.

 You will find seminal emissions in sleep without lascivious dreams.

 Dr. Kent cautions that sexual debility will be caused by extra-ordinaary use of salt.

 Excessive excitement and secret vice are the twin causes of physical discomfort.

 Phosphorus patient reaches a stage where there will be frequent discharge of thin, slimy, colourless fluid from urethra.

 Sexual abuse leads to spinal diseases.

 Swelling and soreness of the testes and cord.

 Dr. Kent adds that this remedy cures hydrocele if it takes place after gonorrhoea.

 PAGE 59

 Dr. Farrington says that Allium cepa and Ars. Alb are complem:entary to Phosphorus.

 Nux vom. And Terebinth are antidotal to it.

 Phosphorus also cures impaired vision (amblyopia) if it is associated with the loss of vital fluids.

 Picricum acidum

 Characteristics of patient

 The pathological observations go to indicate the use of Picric acid in diseases of brain and spinal cord.

 It first causes congestions. This is followed by weariness and  mental inactivity.

 Starting from the feeling of tiredness on  motion it progresses to complete paralysis.

 Mental condition.

 The weary feeling is accompanied by a sense o indifference.  He lacks in will power.  Desires to lie down and rest.  Dr Farrington advises not to wait until paralysis sets in.

 Picric acid is one of the best medicines for brain-fag, when the mind is over-worked.

 Physical symptoms

 Discovered by Hausman and p roved among others by Dr. Couch Picric acid found to turn normal sexual sphere into a frenzy of lust producing violent erections, especially during night.

 PAGE 60

 This remedy can cure these symptoms even though they may be of long duration.

 The recognisable symptoms are : Pain in ecciput; heaviness of limbs; sexual excitement.

 Dr. Kent says that Picric acid can cure impotency and spermatorrhoea when the mind is unable to bring the lust under control.

 Sabal serrulata

 Physical symptoms

 This lesser known remedy is useful for general and sexual debility.

 It has the ability to promote nutrition and build tissues.  It has undoubted value in the enlargement of prostate gland.

 He passes through a state of confusion.  He dislikes any kind a sympathy.

 Chronic gonorrhoea with difficult urination.

 Wasting of testes.  He loses sexual power.  Coitus becomes painful especially at the time when emission takes place.  It is useful in sexual neurotics.

 PAGE 61

 Salix nigra

 Physical symptoms

 Another important remedy widely used for sexual irritability is Salix nigra. It is highly useful in cases where the passions  of patient are moderate.

 You can prescribe this remedy in acute gonorrhoea where there is some erotic trouble.  Chordee is one of them.

 Used in material doses it helps in cases of masturbation and controls spermatorrhoea.

 You will find backache in lumbar and sacral region, so bad that he will not be able to step quickly.

 Scutellaria laterifolia

 General conditions

 Another lesser known medicine for these conditions, Scutellaria is used as a sedative where there is predominance of nervous fear. It cures irritability.  He anticipates some kind of calamity and is afraid of it.

 Confusing thoughts persist.

 Seminal emissions and impotency go hand in hand and the patient is hopeless of ever getting better.

 Tincture and lower potencies are suggested by Dr. W. Boericke. 

 PAGE 62

 Selenium metallicum

 Characteristics of patient

 This medicine has definite action on genito-urinary organs.  It is indicated in elderly people for prostatic and sexual atony.

 Great debility will be noticed.  It gets worse as the heat increases.

 The patient is easily exhausted both mentally and physically.  As the age increases debility will be more marked mostly after exhausting diseases.

 Mental condition.

 Though sexually incapacitated his thoughts are dominated by lasciviousness.

 Mental labour makes him tired.  He is sad in the extreme.  Melancholy runs through his system making him uncompromising in his attitudes.

 Physical symptoms

 Mental and physical weakness is observed after sexual excess and secret vice.

 Semen and prostatic fluid dribbles during sleep.

 Makes him fatigued which he will be unable to recuperate from even after rest.

 Hot weather makes him exhausted.

 It appears that his nervous symptoms are aggravated after coitus.

 PAGE 63 

 You will find extreme weakness of the genitalia.

 Though the desire will be intense he will be lacing in erections making the act of coition unsatisfactory and incomplete.

 Strangely he will have erection in the morning without the necessary support of desire behind it.  If the attempts at coition the penis will become relaxed.

 Dr. Farrington observes that the patient grows weak and exhausted as the heat increases and feels relieved as the sun sinks.

 He would like to sleep from exertion but he finds himself worse after sleep.

 He is made worse by seminal emissions whether the are involuntary or voluntary.  This loss turns his mind to a sate of confusion.

 Comparing Selenium with Sulphur Dr. Farrington observes :

 ”Both have bad effects of mental exhaustion.  Loss of sleep.  Involuntary emissions.  But the difference lies in the fact that while Selenium has more of the relaxation, in Sulphur the genital organs are cold and shrivelled.

 Dr. Kent reports about itching and formication of genitalia.

 PAGE 64

 Sepia officinalis

 Characteristics of patient

 In 1874 the American Institute of Homoeopathy made twenty five provings of Sepia just to realise that they could not improve on what Dr. hahnemann had exhibited on his proving of Sepia.

 Prior to the experiments on Sepia by Dr. Hahnemann it was generally believed that the fluid ejected by the cuttle fish when pursued by bigger preying fish had no use other than clouding the water.  But he experiments proved its fallacy.

 Sepia is a remedy of great value.  It has a great affinity for female organism. But it has also some definite action on male genital organs.  A Sepia patient is built very tall, slim, narrow and straight from the shoulders all the way down to feet.

 This remedy has the power to destroy all natural feelings of love and affection.

 The recognisable characteristics are : He has stilted affections; is on the borderland of insanity; rationality of mind is completely wiped out; does no longer exhibit any love for the dear ones.

 You can recognise Sepia patient by his sallow features and the “yellow across the nose”.

 Mental condition

 Sepia subject is stupid looking, dull and thinks very slowly.  Mind is anything but active and you can read it on his face.  There is a group of symptoms which is sufficient to indicate this medicine, viz, gnawing hunger; constipation; dragging down sensation; and the mental condition mentioned above. 

 PAGE 65

 There is another particular symptom : the patient has to keep his mind on the neck of the bladder, otherwise urine will escape.

 Physical symptoms

 Sepia acts well in men who are puffed and flabby, who have a yellow blotched skin, who are inclined to sweat, especially about the genitals and art-pits, and are subject to the diseases of the genital organs. (Dr. Farrington).

 The man has sexual erethism but without energy.  Coitus causes great exhaustion.

 The general attitude is never one of strength and healthful ease.  Aversion to the opposite sex is noticed both in male and female.  In the male there is a history of gonorrhoea.  Sepia comes into the picture when the acute symptoms have subsided.

 Orifice of urethra sticks together in the morning especially when the sexual organs are debilitated by long continuance of the said disease or to frequent seminal emissions.

 Dr. W. Boericke observes that the male genital organs remain cold and without any animation and ardour.  There is offensive perspiration on them.  Discharge from urethra is observed only during nights.  He does not complain of any pain.

 PAGE 66

 The penis will be surrounded by condylomata (warts).

 Complaints arise after coition.

 Silicea terra

 Characteristics of patient

 Silicea in its crude state has no effect on human system.  But as patentised drug (it is proved repeatedly by Drs. Hahnemann, Hering, Rouff, and others it becomes one of the most valuable medicines of our materia medica.

 Silicea patient is indifferent, apathetic, confused and incapable of fixing his attention on anything.

 Its useful effect is seen in nutritive changes it produces.  The problem faced by a Silicea patient has no relation with the bad quality of food consumed by him.  It has a bearing with the defective system of assimilation.

 The head is covered with offensive sweat.

 The face is pale, waxen and yellowish.

 It has an affinity for the cellular tissue.  It produces inflammation of this extensive tissue of the body ending in suppuration.

 PAGE 67

 Mental condition    

 Silicea has a peculiar mental state.

 When weakness, embarrassment, dread and a state of surrender grip a veteran public personage Silicea comes to the forefront of medicines useful in such a state.  Dread of failure.

 While in Lycopodium the dread is due to lack of knowledge; in Silicea it is due to his imagination.

 Physical symptoms

 r. W. Boericke records burning of genitals and a feeling of soreness with eruption on inner surface of thighs. Chronic gonorrhoea with thick offensive discharge.  It can cure elephantiasis of scrotum.

 Sexual erethism is observed with nightly emissions.

 Hydrocele can be cured by Silicea.

 Dr Kent observes impotency in males with weakness of genitals after coitus.  He is easily exhausted.  Lacks power.  Needs long rest if he has to engage himself in any activity of sex of more than ordinary frequence (Agaricus).

 Much sweating of the genitals.

 Dr Hering fins a peculiar symptom, viz., even at the height of chill  penis and testicles will be hot.

 It is useful in chronic syphilis where suppuration and induration will be prominent.

 PAGE 68

 Whether the patient has increase of decrease of sexual desire he will have painful erections, mostly in the morning just before rising from bed.

 He will be haunted by lascivious thoughts and dreams.


 Characteristics of patient

 A very clear picture of the characteristics of the patient of Staphysagria is depicted by Dr. Farrington.

 He begins with the childhood where the child will be impetuous and irritable. He reminds you of Chamomilla child.  The adult Staphysagria patient is envisaged as a  hypochondriac.

 The reasons for this mental state are : they are the consequence of sexual excesses in the first place.  This mental aberration will be caused by constant practice of masturbation or self-abuse.  When the mind dwells upon sexual matters for a long period this kind of mental condition begins to take shape.

 In course of time he grows indifferent to others’ feelings, and turns gloomy.

 You will recognise them by their sunken face, by the deep lustreless eyes with dark rings around and by th pointed nose.  He would prefer solitude.  He will be shy of the opposite sex.  Locally there will be some kind of irritability of prostatic portion of the urethra.

 PAGE 69

 Mental condition

 He has an unpredictable temper.  At times he flies into a rage.

 He is sensitive to opinion of others about him.

 Dr Kent gives a good description of this mental condition.  He is excitable.  Easily angered.  But hardly gets irritated. It is quite suitable in patients wholives with suppressed anger.  The indignation makes him speechless.  You can say in short “anger with indignation”.  Indignation about things done to him.

 The distressing symptoms about his genitals is his excitability without the necessary physical support.  Impotency underlies his physical status.  Great weakness of the sexual organs.

 With all the increased desire, alas, he is impotent.

 Staphysagria is very useful in the consequences of secret vice practised for long.

 You will find him greatly disappointed by the persistent nightly emissions which leads to mortification, prostration and dyspnoea.

 He suffers from backache.  His legs will grow weak.  His gait will be affected.  Organs get relaxed.  Eyesight will turn weak.  Hair begins to fall.  Loss of prostatic fluid.  Sexual desire weakens.

 PAGE 70

 Dull contusive pain in testicles.  Voluptuous itching of the scrotum.

 Note: Talking about night emissions.  Dr Hering remarks that while Staphysagria controls night emissions, Selenium cures.


 Characteristics of patient

 Introduced by Dr. S. Hahnemann and his son Dr. Friedrich, Sulphur is an outstanding antipsoric remedy.

 It has a kind of centrifugal action, i.e.  working from within out.

 Its chief affinity is for the skin.  It produces heat and burning with intense itching that turns worse form the heat of bed.  Patient dislikes water intensely. He has dry and rough hair and skin.

 Dr. Kent describes a Sulphur patient as lean, lanky, hungry, with stooped shoulders.  His lankiness is more due to long bouts of indigestion, bad assimilation and less nutrition.

 People who take least exercise and are cooped up in their rooms for study or meditation.

 There is another class of patients.  You can recognise him from his face.  Hie is dirty, shrivelled and red faced.  Skin appears to be easily affected.  No matter how much he washes he  looks red and dirty.

 PAGE 71

 Dr. Hering called him “ragged philosopher”.  Sulphur produces a states of disorderliness about himself.  

 You can safely say that “cleanliness is not a virtue with him”.

 Sulphur is seldom indicated in cleanly people. Dr. Kent observed that after the administration of this drug the patient began to take notice of himself and put on a clean shirt.  A Sulphur child is seen swallowing the discharge from nose.  Is it not peculiar ?  But strangely for the same patient it will be repulsive if he has to face offensive odours.  This shows that he is oversensitive to filthy odours.  It amounts to exaggerated sense of smell.


 Many of the complaints come on from “becoming warm in bed”.  Though he craves open air be cannot stand heat or cold.  He requires an even temperature.

 Nightly complaints are a regular feature of Sulphur.  The notorious “Sulphur diarrhoea” belongs to the time between midnight and morning.

 There is a phrase that is generally quoted by old practitioners, viz. “drinks much and eats less”.

 However Dr Kent cautions against relying on any one single symptom and advises to study the case as a composite one.  There is one more noteworthy modality.  Sulphur patient cannot stand for any long time.  Mind and sensorial warmth of bed, genitals sweat awfully, when impotency predominates in spite of the strong sexual desire, when there is discharge of semen even before intromission, you should think of Sulphur before administering any other drug.

 PAGE 72

 Prepuce becomes narrow.  It cannot be drawn back.  There will be inflammation  There will be inflammation.  Genitals offensive.

 Note 1: The facts I am going to mention here may be taken note of by medical practitioners of coal mine areas.  These facts I have collected from Dr J. T. Kent’s Materia Medica.

 People working in coal mines or living in their vicinity need Sulphur.  It is not because coal contains so much of Sulphur.  But those who handle coal need Sulphur.

 In a similar way those who are engaged in grinding kaolin (fine white clay used in making porcelain) and various other products used in the manufacture of china, and also the workers in stone quarries require mostly Calc carb. And Silicea.

 In the coal case, even if the symptoms indicate other remedies, unless you give a dose of Sulphur good results cannot be obtained.  The patient’s outward appearance will match Sulphur conditions.

 Many believe that this is due to the sulphur content of coal.

 PAGE 75

 Note 2: The dreadful effects of vaccination can be cured by Sulphur. In this respect it stands on equal footing with Thuja and Malandrinum.

 Note 3 : Sulphur vitiates all affections.  He will be driven to a state of selfishness. He will not have  any thought for others.  There is an absence of gratitude.

 Note 4:Sulphur seems to lose all sense of refinement.  He is the very opposite of fastidiousness.  Arsenicum is quite the opposite of Sulphur.

 Note 5: Sulphur should not be administrated before Lycopodium.  The order to be followed is : Sulphur, then Calc carb. And then Lycopodium.  These medicines should be used in a rotating sequence.

 Sulphuricum acidum

 The patient

 No leading author has recommended this drug for deficiencies in male sexual organs except Dr. William Boericke.  We find its mention in the repertory under the heading spermatorrhoea.

 Relying on this single symptom (because it is enough to tell a long story of sexual degradation that ends in this obnoxious state) we try to get a picture of Sulphuric acid patient.  

 He is hasty in his actions, quick and restless.  Sometimes he is seen depressed.

 He answers questions slowly and at sometimes with great difficulty.

 There is a general sensation of trembling, purely a subjective symptom..

 PAGE 76

 The face is pinched, pale with blue rings around eyes.

 Dr. Boericke recommends it in debility especially of the digestive tract.  This gives a relaxed feeling in stomach making him crave for brandy.


 The patient

 The provings show  an action limited to sexual organs producing very typical neurasthenia. It has wide range of genitourinary disturbances.  Emissions take pathological disorder.  Patient suffers from spermatocystitis, priapism, prostatorrhoea.

 Mental condition

 He is irritable.  He does everything arbitrarily.  Insists upon having his own way.  Seeks company.

 Physical symptoms

 excessive seminal emissions in nights accompanied voluptuous  dreams of perverted character.

 Priapism.  Burning while urinating. Dribbling of urine.

 Urates increased.  Phosphates decreased.

  Note : Mental and physical work makes him worse.

 PAGE 77

 Thuja occidentalis

 Characteristics of patient

 A Thuja patient is a sickly looking person.  His face is waxy as if greased.

 Perspiration has a peculiar sweetish odour.  Smells like honey.  But the genitals have a pungent smell like that of garlic.  The warts that appear have some constitutional basis.

 Mental conditions.

 He is very forgetful.  He must be reminded very often.  Makes mistakes while talking.  Uses wrong expressions and is not able to finish the sentence.

 You can call it stupefaction of head.  He has fixed ideas.  Thinks that soul and body exist separately. Feels that limbs are made of glass giving the idea of not fragility.

 Physical symptoms

 A young, theology student once unwittingly picked some leaves of arbor vitae and chewed them and this cured his urinary troubles, which, as far as Dr Hahnemann knew, had an origin in gonorrhoea.  This made Hahnemann to experiment and the outcome of it is Thuja.  But its action is not simply limited to sycosis. It has also action is not simply limited to sycosis.  It has also action on nervous system.  His movements are unnaturally hurried.  Talks hurriedly.  Temper is easily roused.

 PAGE 78

 The action on the nervous system is further shown in several forms of neuralgia.  The pains are of stabbing character, and nearly unbearable.

 Thuja has the capacity t change the soil on which sycosis grows. Here we should try to understand that there are two distinct elements at work, one is the disease itself and the other the constitution in which it grows.

 In gonorrhoea the discharge is thin, greenish.  There will be scalding pain while urinating.  A sensation will be felt as if a few drops of urine remained in the urethra.  Cauliflower-like warts are seen on cervix uteri.  Ulcers on genitals having the appearance of syphilitic sores.  They may have a dirty yellow base with hard edges.  They seem to have originated from warts.

 Fissures are seen around the anus, on the perineum, scrotum or glans penis.  These will be deep.  Covered with pus.  The testicle is swollen, aches as if bruised.

 Excitation in genital system.  Nightly erections causing sleeplessness.  Uncontrollable desire for masturbation, even during sleep.  Nightly emissions.

 Impotency caused by gonorrohea.

 Burning sensation between prepuce and glans penis.  Glans is very sensitive.

 Strong, sweetish, honey-smelling sweat on genitals, staining the linen yellow.

 PAGE 79

 The excrescenses (warts) are soft, pulpy, sensitive; they burn, itch and bleed easily.

 Dr Farrington says that this is an anti-sycotic remedy having the capacity to produce symptoms similar to those of gonorrhoea.

 Note 1: Thuja has a remarkable property of softening hard tissues, as the nails.  That is how it removes the warts.  It softens them. It causes their withering.

 Nitric acid resembles Thuja in warty growths.  It is also useful for ulcers.  These may not have their origin in shyphilis gonorrhoea.  But Nitric acid has more aching in the bones where they are devoid of muscular tissue, like tibia.

 In sycotic troubles Nat sulph. Complements Thuja.

 Note 2 : Thuja is primarily a powerful medicine when you have a history of animal poisoning, as make bite, small pox and vaccination.

 Thuja gives quick action where sycosis is at the bottom.  Sycotic miasm is a difficult one and a young physician must be careful in ascertaining the symptoms. 

 Titanium metallicum

 Physical symptoms

 Dr. W. Boericke writes that this remedy can be used in sexual weakness with too early ejaculation of semen at the time of coitus.

 PAGE 80


 Physical symptoms

 This medicine is useful in sexual neurasthenia.

 Is useful in impotency.  Sexual debility arises out of nervous prostation.

 Is quite useful in incontinence of old people.

 Upas tieuté

 The patient

 The patient is disinclined to do any mental work.

 Is irritable by nature.  Suffers from dull headaches.

 Physical symptoms

 While his sexual desire is increased his power is completely lost.

 The said dull headache persists after an attempt at coitus.

 Ustilago maydis

 Physical symptoms

 The patient suffers from an uncontrollable desire to masturbate.

 PAGE 81

 Is a victim to spermatorrhoea.  His thoughts go round erotic fancies.  His dreams are full of amorous activities.

 Emissions follow irresistible desire for masturbation.

 Backache in lumbar region.  Great despondency and mental irritability.

 Note : Dr. W. Boericke writes about muscular debility.  He also mentions about a peculiar sensation where the patient feels hot boiling water flowing along the back.


 The patient

 Repeated exposure to X-Ray causes distressing pain.  Especially sexual glands are affected.  It causes atrophy of testicles.

 The patient suffers from lewd dreams.  There is complete loss of sexual desire.  It brings out suppressed gonorrhoea.

 Note : It has the property of stimulating cellular metabolism.


 The patient

 Mind is agitated with flying sensations of heat in face.  This remedy excites the sexual organs and the whole central nervous system.

 PAGE 82

 Homoeopathically it is used in congestive conditions of the sexual organs.

 Dr. W. Boericke reports of strong and lasting erections.

 Zincum metallicum

 Characteristics of patient

 Zincum met. Is recommended in cases of defective vitality.  It is a well proved remedy and you will find its action in all parts of the body.

 A nervous patient, sensitive in the extreme, gets easily excited, and suffers from twitchings and tremblings. 

 You will also find paralytic weakness, emaciation, prostration.  You will observe brain and spinal symptoms in him.

 His functioning system gets slowed down.  The whole body seems to be tired and feeble.

 Even talking or listening makes him distressed.

 There is a tendency to be docile.

 Mental symptoms

 Mind is slow to grasp things.  He is forgetful.  Repeats question before answering them.  Until the mind realises the meaning of the question he waits to answer.

 PAGE 83

 Physical symptoms

 Zinc met is similar to Conium in action on male genital organs.  It is useful in spermatorrhoea when it is the result of long continued abuse of genital organs.

 The testes would be drawn up firmly against the external abdominal ring.

 Can pass urine only when sitting bent backward. In Conium he can pass urine readily while standing.

 Note :  Zincum met is a good remedy in diseases of spine, especially when there is spinal irritation. There will be dull and aching pain.  It will be felt in first dorsal and last lumbar vertebrae. This pain is worse when the patient is sitting than when he walks.

 Dr. Hering notes that the patient stares as if frightened on waking.  Head rolls from side to side. Extreme changeable moods. One moment he will be irritable and quarrelsome and next moment he will be despondent and depressed.

 PAGE 84

Therapeutic hints

 Some months back I had an opportunity to attend a conference of young practising homoeopaths at Baroda.  The conference was addressed by some very promising doctors. One of the doctors gave a lecture on facial neuralgia and cited several vital remedies for the particular ailment.

 While winding up his lecture he asked a question : have you ever tried to prepare your own therapeutics from the materia media you read ?  It is so easy and useful and helps you in selecting the remedy.

 This question must have remained in my subconscious mind, because when I completed the book “Sexual Problems in Males : their cure”, it struck me,  why not I prepare a therapeutic index for my own book ! I utilised the simplest method and gathered, as far as possible in an alphabetical order, the single symptoms occurring in every aspect of the remedy I have taken into consideration in my book.

 The result of my labour is before you.  I trust the readers will be able to pinpoint their selection of remedies for the particular malady they face.