MACFARLAN D., Concise Pictures of Dynamised Drugs Personally Proven



 The provings herein recorded, extend over a period of possibly twenty years or more. The health ad well being, both mental and physical, of each prover was distinctly enhanced in every prover, the greatest good to the most sensitive individuals. The amount of painful disability was decidedly less than that undergone in protective typhoid fever inoculation, a procedure used by prevailing dominant practice, along lines formulated by the law of Hahnemann.

 In the re-provings, none of the provers were cognizant of the fact that they were making provings. As our Irish friends might say, quite “unbeknownst”. And, herein nothing is fancied or imagined in any way, and the ready suggestibility of most people is quite discarded. As a mere matter of fact, General Bonaparte was well within bounds when he stated that “Imagination Rules the World”.

 The French have a word, ebauche. It has no equivalent in English. If one, however, should go to a music hall, and see in action a skilled crayon caricaturist portray in the fewest and simplest of bold and telling strokes the famous figures in world history, some idea of the meaning of ebauche would creep in.

 In similar fashion, the few reliable and highly characteristic symptoms brought into striking relief by quite a number of provings is a mighty aid in the proper choice of medicament.

 In this way, a seldom recurring symptom-complex is lopped off and what I have attempted as a concise picture is arrived at and procured.


 1805 Chestnut Street,

 Philadelphia, Pa.


Materia medica

 Aconitum napellus

 3d potency

 1. Worse in the morning, and especially after the night’s sleep: This modality is seen in reference to:

 a. Stoppage of the left nostril.

 b. A very sleepy state.

 c. The voiding of lots of flatus.

 d. A constant frontal and vertical headache.

 e. A polyuria.

 f. Vertigo.

 g. A painful neck on rotation.

 h.  A heavy feeling head.

 i.   Fever followed by thirst.

 The condition of headache with the above modality is very, very common.

 2. Worse from motion of the body or its parts. This modality is seen in reference to:

 a.  Difficulty in swallowing.

 b.  A stiffness of  the neck.

 c.  Dull right sided digital pains.

 d. Natural forced inspiration.

 e.  The upper central chest sorer by cough.

 f.  Right sciatic night pain.

 g.  A weakness in the left knee.

 h.  A short walk forces lying down.

 i.  A forcing up of phlegm causes gagging (feels like vomiting).

 j.  Weakest when walking

 k.  Inability to straighten out the left arm, due to pain at night.

 l.  Motion causes vertigo in prover.

 m.  Worse walking in afternoon.

 n.  Crocheting causes numbness in the left hand.

 o.  A catching pain in the right side, much worse on bending.

 3. Marked thirst for cold water in big amounts, from morning until midnight. Drinking aggravates the same, and so does working. Thirst with fever, and at its onset it appears with dryness of mouth, nose and throat. Fever precedes thirst in morning after sleep.


 4. A dull, frontal headache, either constant or intermittent and worse in the morning, after the sleep. Head feels heavy, with feeling of heat in the face. Betterment out in the open air, by lying down, and by catharsis.

 5. Drowsiness in daytime if standing or sitting. Better on lying down. (Rapid and sound afternoon sleep). Drowsiness after luncheon, in the morning after sleep; a tiredness is concomitant.

 6. Restless and tossing and unable to sleep before midnight. The sleep is banished by sweating and by frontal headache. Unremembered dreams. Frightened awakenings (midnight).

 7. Marked creepy or shaking chilliness, with gooseflesh, and craving warmth, which ameliorates. Most frequent in the extremities and most often in the morning. Much worse in the cold air (4 P.M. ). Constant chills shoot up the spine. Chilliness causes giddiness.

 8. The asthenia is worse in the morning, worse when walking. (The left knee gives out). When walking, the prover has to stop, forced to sit down, forced to lie after a fifteen to twenty minute walk, and is weakest when walking. The head and the whole body feel heavy. Debilitating sweats when exercising. Constant dull pains weaken the arms. Weak across the back, worse after moving, and worse on ascents. Weak legs from nocturnal diarrhea.

 9. Generalized sweating, worse on the body, worse on exertion (it  is debilitating then). Worse in a hot room. Worse at night (the sweating prevents sleep). The prover’s sweating is worse on being covered up, but readily stops uncovering. Craves the cool air. Prover feels warm when sweating.

 10. Cough dry and nocturnal. It is worse by lying on the left side. It is worse from coughing. Worse from inspiring. The expectoration is in the daytime. Expectoration thick; green; yellow. Smothery in a warm room.

 N. B. As the mental symptoms are the tremendous import in drug selection, to the above brief summary must be added these very symptoms which are: trembling hands because of the nervousness. Crying and fretting at night. Awakened frightened about midnight. Awfully nervous in the morning. Fear came over her; wanted to be with someone. Wanted to talk with someone. Lonesomeness. Forgetfulness with nervousness. Crying spell around 4 P.M.  which lasted for forty-five minutes. Fear of people. Afraid of going out in the street.


 Calcarea carbonica

 30 th potency

 1. Incarcerated Epigastric Bloat, with constantly painful stomach. Late afternoon belching. Evening voiding of flatus.  After Eating, Definite Aggravation or Definite Amelioration. Nightly nausea with bad taste.  Costive. Very light yellow stool. The stool is unformed and offensive. The cravings are for salt meat, greens, milk and onions. Worse from sweets. Better form coffee.

 2. Restless Sleep from 4 A.M.  to 7 A.M.  Many sorts of foolish or of Terrifying Dreams. Cold sweats, Palpitation, constant cough, and post-nasal dripping prevent sleeping. Ameliorated by lying upon the lift side, or lying with the arms up. Many Symptoms Appear After Sleep.

 3. Dripping Sweat (like raindrops), and It is Either Generalized Or Localized. The sweat is Worse at Night, which is frequent in sleep, and awakens the prover. Nervous sweating from physical and vocational activity.  The Sweating Is Most Frequent in the Head Region (Face, Occiput and Neck). Cold Sweats on the Hands and Feet. The Armpits Sweat. The sweat is cold, sticky or sour. Sweating with hot flashes.

 4.  A shaky Weakness of the lower half of the body, especially marked in the back and leg On, the Right Side. It is Worse in the Morning on Arising. It is worse after exertion. Nervous exhaustion. Worse from Working. Ambitious, but is so lazy, there is No Incentive. Also, with a Morning Aggravation.

 5. Wheezing Rattle with the Dyspnea, and aggravation of the dyspnea on walking, stopping and breathing. Sharp and intermittent pain in the chest, in the sternal area. The expectoration is grey. Thick expectoration. The expectoration interferes with sleep and with talking. The coughing spells are bettered by spitting. An aggravation from sneezing. Dry Cough.

 6. Itching of the Face and of the forearms, and of the lower part of the Legs. The Facial Pimples are Sore to the Touch. The skin state is worse on washing in cold water. It is worse on rubbing (it causes smarting). Boils and large pimples. Dry lips and dry hands. The chest has a burning itching.


 7. Mental Application Induces a Nervous Sweating and Nervous Exhaustion. A nocturnal inside tension, and a restless, quivery state, with Nightly Chilliness and nightly diarrhea. Amelioration from solitude, from eating, and on being covered up. Depression and tearfulness.

 8. Visible Thumping cardiac Palpitation, Worse in the Daytime. Pulsation all over the left anterior chest , and its ascends into the head. Dull, heavy. Cardiac Pain, followed by Gas; Relief by Belching. The Thumps of the Heart are more Frequently Rapid. Palpitation prevents or awakens from sleep (6 A..M.).

 9. Can hardly keep the eyes open, so drowsy. It is marked in the morning and in the fore-noon. Marked morning gaping, associated with Nausea and Frontal, Dull, Constant Headache. The prover looks sleepy, and feels as if the eyes could not be opened easily. In the Afternoon, Drowsy with Heavy Head, but unable to sleep.

 10. The Lips, Mouth and Throat are Dry, with Most Marked Thirst in the Morning. Offensive Taste. Nightly Sleeplessness with Thirst and with a slow painless micturition in small amounts. Long waits before being unable to void. Day-time Frequency of Urination. Urination Frequent and Painless. Profuse Urination in the Morning. Copious Frequent Urination.


 Colchicum autumnale

 30th Potency

 1. Constant Trembling Weakness, Worse from 6 A.M.  to 12 A.M.  and from 6 P.M.  to 12 P.M.  Consensual Drowsiness with Laziness. A desire to close the eyes, which are so heavy, and to lie down. With a Nervousness, a Weakness of the Legs, and the knees so collapsic, the prover cannot walk well. Weakness worse after stool, worse in a warm room, and worse during menstruation.

 2. Painful Belly Distension, worse in the evening, worse on the right side, worse after eating, with flaring ribs, and with Belching, and the passing of gas. Belching relieves, and it is promoted by drinking. Pain precedes the flatus, and the latter precedes the stool. Worse on pressure. The Stomach is Bloated and heavy.

 3.  The throat is hoarse and husky in the morning, with Soreness, which is worse on the left side. The Expectoration is Like Starch or Glycerin. Watery Rhinorrhea. The Cough is Tight or loose. Worse from coughing (there is an access of pain, and it aggravates the toothache). Worse from Talking (it exhausts and it is painful). Worse in a warm room.

 4.  The pains are sharp or like electric shocks into the body; Throbbing Pains; Pains Cause Tingling or Numbness or produce aching. Worse at night, worse from heat, worse in damp or rainy weather, worse on touch or pressure. Worse on Motion. Rubbing or stamping or motion betters the numbness.

 5. Diarrhea from mid-night to noontime. Gas and Cramps are precedent are during the diarrhea. Worse soon after eating, and worse after the diarrhea. After the diarrhea, comes weakness, trembling and rectal burning. Painless diarrhea.

 6. A Right-sided Aggravation with respect to the arm, the leg and the abdomen. A left sided aggravation in respect to the chest (the heart), and to the head.

 7. Faint with Insatiable Hunger, especially between 6 P.M.  and 12 P.M.  A hunger between and an Aggravation after the Meals. Morning Nausea, and nausea from odors, from wine, from oatmeal. Worse from hot food, potatoes, prunes and baked beans. A craving for fresh bread.

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 8. The Urination is Frequent, profuse, Matutinal, and painless. Nocturia. Chrome yellow urine. It may stiffen the clothing. A burning bladder. Scalding after micturition. The urination may be with constant thirst for cold water, or with Vertigo and an empty head.

 9. In the Morning, such heaviness and Drowsiness generally, especially in the eyes, the prover desires to lie down. The more drowsy, the weaker he becomes. This drowsiness is worse after eating, worse on sitting still, and worse in a warm room. A fear of sleeping, if sitting, as the prover can scarcely keep the eyes open.

 10. Dyspnea is inspiratory, and productive of right sided chest soreness, and sharp cardiac pain. Worse lying on either side, worse on talking, worse on fast walking (is forced to breathe rapidly, so puffy).

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 Cuprum metallicum

 30th Potency

 1. Aching generalized. Especially over the Eyes, and in the Daytime. It is Worse on Motion, Better by Lying. Dull. Sharp. Constant. Intermittent.

 2. Constant Sharp Cramps in the Belly and in the Extremities, especially in the Right Arm and Right Leg, Worse on Walking, worse on standing. Better by lying. During the menses.

 3. Eyes affected in morning, Especially the Right Eye. Amaurosis. Lacrymation. Agglutination. Twitching lids. Burning. Dazzling motes. A feeling of “sand in the eye”. The lower lids are swollen. Eyes painful on use. Can scarcely open them due to the pain. Farsightedness actually developed.

 4. A Constant Afflux in the Mouth of Thick, White Expectoration. Worse in morning. It causes Constant Swallowing or Spitting. Hurtful swallowing. The Expectoration is Offensive (Odor and Taste). The Expectoration resembles slimy starch. The taste draws the mouth.

 5. Daytime Weakness in the Back and Legs when walking. No ambition to work is concomitant.

 6. Burning in Many Parts, Especially in the Stomach and Nose, the latter stopping up at night. Burning before and during urination, whilst passing stool, between 6 P.M.  and noontime.

 7. Worse in the Morning After the Night’s Sleep, as:

 a.  Very giddy better by moving about.

 b.  Watery rhinorrhea.

 c.  A feeling of irritability.

 d.  Drowsiness.

 e.  Dry cough.

 f.  Lacrymation in left eye.

 g.  Very weak during menses.

 h.  Felt as if no rest at night, although sleep was sound.

 i.  Offensive flatus passed.

 j.  Bad taste in mouth.

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 k.  Dry mouth.

 l.  Thirst.

 m.  Nervousness.

 n.  Agglutination of lids.

 o.  Aching shoulders so bad could not get up.

 p.  Sore feeling in bottom of belly.

 q.  Nausea

 r.  Very weak.

 8. Dry and Painful Cough from 6 P.M.  until noontime, Worse from coughing, and Worse from Talking. When Coughing:

 a. Sleep is banished

 b. There is sticking in the throat.

 c. There is sticking at the clavicular junction inside.

 When Talking:

 a. It hurts the upper chest

 b. It causes tire.

 c. It takes the breath.

 d. It provokes the cough thereby.

 e. Hoarseness. Sneezing.

 9. Twitching and Trembling all over in daytime. It is worse in the Extremities. Worse at rest. Better by working.

 10. Vertigo from midnight to noon. It is seen with asthenia, nausea, drowsiness or loss of ambition. It is worse on the feet and worse on stopping. It is better from eating, in the fresh air, and from moving about.

 The mental states produced were forgetfulness and scared at night. Pains cause her to be angry. Gets angry. Tearfulness in the morning. Feels irritable when first getting up in the morning. Nervous when talked to (too loudly). Very forgetful. Cannot stand being talked to, so excited (the prover does not know where to look; shakes all over). Fright, and when on the street fancies the automobiles will run over her. Very irritable in the afternoon if talked to. Nervous and frightened. Angry in the morning early over a trifle. Trembling all over the body with nervousness.

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 Lycopodium clavatum

 30th Potency

 1. The Headache is Frontal and Constant, and the head is heavy and hot. Morning headache especially after the sleep. Morning Drowsiness. The Face Feels Burning Hot. Hot in the afternoon, worse on stooping over. The two latter symptoms refer to the head condition. The headache may be sharp or dull, may throb, may be on the right side. Headache from coughing. Better in the open air. Vertigo.

 2. The Backache is sharp and it is worse on motion. Backache on Rising From a Seat or on stooping. Better by sitting. Weak across the back, and dragging in the right renal area. Better lying on the right side, but worse on the back at night. Chilly up the back. Cold sweating up the back. Itching of the Skin.

 3. The Cough is Dry, Gagging and Emetising. Coughing Persists Until the vomiting ensues. Worse in the morning. Yellow Expectoration. The expectoration is slimy. Rhinorrhea. The Nose is Stopped Up. Dyspnea on Exertion. Night Cough.  Ear noises. Worse from Coughing as regards:

 a. The headache.

 b.  Redness of the face.

 c. Tears coming to the eyes.

 d.  The gagging state.

 e.  The Enuresis.

 4. The Weakness is marked and generalized, and cold sweat on the face may be present. The Weakness is Severe in the Legs, which are often Shaky. Worse in the Morning.  Worse from standing. Worse from the belly bloat, as it affects the heart. Feels quivery with weakness, but no shaking (the calves of the legs are heavy and unusually warm). Laziness and No Ambition.

 5. Nocturia is painless, generally thrice, and in good amount. Worse after urination as regards:

 a. The pain at night in the stomach

 b.  The burning.

 c. The discharge.

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 Burning at night on voiding, and in the morning after voiding. The burning is accentuated on holding. Reddish urine only, voided at night. Enuresis on coughing. Worse from holding the urine.

 6. Very Dry Mouth, and very dry lips, with constant Thirst in the daytime. Blistered tongue and lower lip. The mouth is full and slimy spittal. A slight betterment by drinking , but only for a short while.

 7. The Belly is Bloated With Gas. Much Passing of the Same at night. This embarrasses the heart and causes faintness and weakness. The prover is worse until midnight. Constipation. Straining at Stool.

 8. Nocturnal Chilliness is worse until  midnight; and, it is worse from motion and better from warmth. Chilliness prevents sleep. Chills and fever alternate all day, and it is worse in the evening, and there is a little sweating with it. Worse when chilly (the sharp cardiac pains). The lower extremities are very cold at night. Very chilly from the cool air (a trembling all over from the cold). Night Sweats.

 9. Canine Hunger before eating.

 Worse after eating as regards all of the following symptoms:

 a. A sour taste.

 b.  Sour belching.

 c. Dyspnea of a right sided and smothery nature.

 d.  A painful swallowing.

 e.  The passing of flatus.

 f. A dry cough.

 g. Nausea.

 h. The cardiac palpitation.

 i. A gagging feeling.

 j. The pains and weight in stomach.

 k. The amelioration from belching.

 l. The swollen stomach.

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 10. Sour Taste like vinegar, worse in the morning, and worse after eating. The sourness wears off one half hour after eating. Everything eaten turns sour, (this applies to tea and coffee as well). Burning Sourness in the gullet. Sour waterbrash. Sour belching after eating. Aggravation on Arising in the Morning, At Night, on Walking, and After Sleep.

 The mental states produced were vertigo with nervousness around 5 P.M.  Lazy and lackadaisical, worse around 5 P.M.  No ambition to work. Intoxicated feeling after 8 P.M.  Worse when walking. Feels shaky all over all day, and nervous with it. The drowsiness is worse on sitting down and being quiet. Worse in this matter around 8 P.M. 

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 Mercurius solubilis

 6th Potency

 1. The Nocturnal Aggravation is very, very marked.  This seen in all of the following symptoms:

 a. The sharp Frontal Headache.

 b.  A drooling of saliva which is active then.

 c. Burning in the tip of the tongue.

 d.  The odorless Passing of Gas.

 e.  Right Sided Chest pain When Coughing.

 f. Bone pain in the right tibia when warmed up.

 g. Inability to Sleep because of the constant cough.

 h.  Dyspnea Lying in Bed.

 i. Frequent Urination.

 j. Generalized Chilliness.

 k. Sweating More at Night

 l. Very sudden Vertigo of a fleeting nature.

 m.  Whistling of the right ear is worse at that time.

 n.  When Breathing or Moving, pain so sharp in right lung posteriorly, the prover could scream.

 o.  Thirst.

 p.  Constant Sharp Pain in Epigastrium at night.

 q.  All choked up in throat and chest.

 r.  Nervousness.

 2. Distressing Belly Bloat with rumbling, worse in the left side, Worse at Night, worse from incarceration of flatus (Sharp Pains). Better after stool, better after belching, better by Passing Flatus (much of this at 4 P.M. ). Rumbling Worse at Rest, (Nocturnal), after stool, better by passing in the morning. Voids more when lying. Everything turns to Gas, and belly pains precede the formation. Bloated belly affects proper breathing. Constipation. Diarrhea.

 3. Sharp Cutting Bellyache in the epigastrium, Worse at Night, after stool, After Eating, after incarceration of flatus, when walking and when coughing.

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 4. Dyspnea Right Sided and Nocturnal, Worse When in Bed (Lying). Dyspnea on walking and talking. It is Right Sided when breathing, and When Coughing at Night. Knife-like stitches ascend to the right-mid-neck from the upper right anterior chest. Aggravation on Lying Down of cough, and the production of dyspnea.

 5. The Head Throbs and Aches Frontally, Dully and Constantly. Head Sweat. Morning Vertigo. Drowsiness.  Headache is worse in the daytime. Worse On Lying Down. Better by sleep. Better by shading the eyes.

 6. Most Frequent is Morning Thirst Without Dry Mouth and Without Fever. Dry, Tickling Throat. Fever. Thirst in afternoon. Dry mouth.

 7. Burning in Many Parts; burning during micturition, burning in passing the stool, and burning after rubbing the skin. Burning aching. Micturition Frequent During Day and Night.

 8. Canine Hunger for Supper; Anorexia for Breakfast. The taste in the mouth, (a) sweet, (b) rotten, (c) peculiar, or (d) bitter. The latter is most common. Hunger with easy satiety. Cannot finish any meal because of Vomiting. Latter form too frequent water drinking. Craves milk at noon. Craves cherries. All foods taste alike. Nausea. Worse after Eating.

 9. The Expectoration is Thick and Yellow. It is worse in the morning, worse swallowing on the right side, as if something stuck there. Swallowing not painful, but it feels like a lump after the act. Glands are sore and swollen on the right side, worse swallowing, worse leaning forward (it brings the yellow bloody phlegm and chokes her). Rhinorrhea Expectoration Offensive. Expectoration black. Ear Noises. Dry Cough.

 10. Constant dull aching, Worse on the Left Side of the Body, Worse on Standing, Motion on Walking. Worse in damp weather. Backache Sharp and Intermittent. Chilliness. Chilly Back. Itching. Aching Legs. Numbness. Weakness.

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 Natrium muriaticum

 30th Potency

 1. A Morning Aggravation, often After the Night’s Sleep, and often around noontime, as in:

 a.  The flushed, full and heavy feeling head.

 b.  Dull headache. Vertical headache. Occipital Headache.

 c. The voiding of gas.

 d.  A burning throat.

 e.  A dull and constant Backache. (Constant Frontal Headache; Right Sided Headache Are Common at the Time stated).

 2. Very Weak and Very Lazy and Worse in the Morning, especially after sleep. Better by rest and worse by motion. Weaks Arms. Weak Legs. Marked weakness on alternate days. Weakness with slow pulse. Weakness is better by eating. Aching in the Legs.

 3. A Distinct Aggravation by Lying Down at Night. A Distinct Betterment by Lying Down during the Day. The aggravation on lying down at night is in respect to:

 a.  Sleeplessness.

 b.  To headache.

 c. To Night Sweats.

 The amelioration by lying in the daytime is in respect to:

 a.  The Headache.

 b.  The asthenia.

 c. The palpitation of the heart.

 4. Palpitation of the Heart, with tachycardia, worse in the evening and night. The pain centers about the heart area; nervousness prior to, and During the Palpitation. Dyspnea.

 5. Restless and Tossing in the bed at night and Unable to Drop off to Sleep for Hours. Early morning dripping night sweats in bed. Dreams terrify. Unremembered dreams. Drowsiness.

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 6. All evening and all night, terrible Shaking Chill, with chattering teeth. Cold Hands with hot head. Cold clammy Hands. The feet feel frozen. Better by warmth. The sweating is worse in the cold spells. In the daytime, cold then warm spells, which keep up. Night Sweats Worse from Touch.

 7. Horrible depressed and “blue” with a feeling of a lump in the throat, and the condition is worse from 6 P.M.  to 6 A.M.   Nervous Palpitation. Worse from consolation. Better by Solitude. Worse from the critical attitude of people. Memory defective.

 8. Distension of the Abdomen With Gas, worse in the pit of the stomach. Worse between 6 A.M.  and 12 A.M.  and between 6 P.M.  and 12 P.M.  Belching worse in the afternoon and evening. Worse from Touch. Worse by pressure. Passing Gas worse in the morning. Nausea. Diarrhea. Crampy distension. Constipation. Canine Hunger.

 9. Marked Thirst between 6 A.M.  and 12 A.M.  and 6 P.M.  and 12 P.M.  with good appetite, and a craving for cold water. Dry Mouth. Polyuria precedes the thirst. Nocturia.

 10. Ear involvement is worse on the right side and worse in the afternoon. The pain is dull and constant as regards the earache. Thumping hissing or squeaking Ear Noises worse lying on the left side. Worse swallowing. Better cold air. Sneezing.

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 Nux vomica

 30th Potency

 1. A Very Marked Morning Aggravation. This is characteristic of many different kinds of symptoms, as:

 a.  Very Marked Languor and Weakness.

 b.  Aggravation After Sleep.

 c. Dull Constant Occipital Headache.

 d.  Severe Pain in the Eyes.

 e.  Snappish Irritability and Nervousness.

 f. Generalized Shaking.

 g. Constant Frontal Headache.

 h.  Nausea.

 i. Heavy Head.

 j. Bad Taste and Belching.

 k. Weakness of the Back.

 l. Frequent Urination.

 m.  Costive.

 n.  Vertigo.

 o.  Left shoulder ache.

 p.  Hunger.

 q.  Drowsy headache.

 2. Irate Irritability; yelling; a desire to smash things up. Worse in the morning. Worse from noise. A Morning Aggravation but better as the day advances. Fear. Inability to think Properly. Muddle-headed.

 3. The Headache is Dull and Constant. Matutinal. Occipital Headache Travels to the Front.  Headache on arising, better as the day advances. Hot Head and hot flushed face. Heavy Head and “weight on the vertex”. Vertigo. The eyes feel heavy with some amaurosis. Dull pain in eyes. Sensitive throbbing teeth, worse on walking. Small red facial papules.

 4. In the Morning Slothful Tedium. Worse on Standing. Generalized Trembling,  worse in the extremities, worse in the morning, and better if relaxed. Daytime Weakness from Arising and it is Worse in the Morning. Weakness is Worse from Exertion.

 5. Sneezing in the Morning. Cold in the head and Constant Rhinorrhea. Dryness with the Nasal Stoppage. White Cotton like Sialorrhea. Raw and burning throat. Nocturnal spells of coughing. Palpitation of the Heart; after eating and often with Dyspnea. Dull, intermittent, Cardiac Pain in the afternoon.

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 6. Worse After Sleep is a Very Marked Modality. Drowsy in the Afternoon. Dreams are Terrifying and Produce Exhaustion. Restless Sleeplessness.

  7. Offensively Rotten Taste in the Mouth. Raw and burning throat. Hunger sensation in the morning or at night. Breakfast Nausea. Worse after eating. Oppressive belly bloat, worse at the stomach and McBurney area, worse in the evening. Sharp belly Cramps Around the Gall-Bladder and McBurney area. Also in the stomach. Morning Belching and Morning Vomiting. Belching, squeezing pain, and rotten taste precede vomiting. Costive and the Bowels are Hard to Move in Morning. Bleeding Piles. Rectum Burning and sore.

 8. Generalized Hot Flashes or feelings in the afternoon or evening. Heat in the head. Burning feeling in Hands and Feet. Burning Cheeks and hot forehead. Burning after eating. Sweating is worse in Upper Half of Body and in the Head Generalized Chilliness; with cold hands; during menses. Evening thirst.

 9. Soreness to Touch in Different Areas of the Body. The Back is Weak, Low Down, with Morning Aggravation. Generalized Trembling and twitching.  Palpitation Thumping, (Worse in the Afternoon). Left shoulder Involvement, sharp or Dull Pain. Also, sweating. Tingling arms. Hot or Cold Hands. Stiffness. Right Leg Markedly Involved. Swollen Right Foot. Aggravated from Touch and Pressure. Legs Feel Leaded. Leg Soreness. Worse After Exertion. Many Symptoms Develop from the Act of Walking, as:

 a.  Vertigo.

 b.  Weakness.

 c. Breaking Pain in Right Ankle From Pressure.

 d.  Right sciatic pain.

 e.  Weak back.

 f. Dental sensitivity.

 10. Frequent Nocturnal and Matutinal Urination. Worse during Urination. High colored urine; spasm; nocturnal emissions during sleep.  Worse during menses, as

 a.  Chilliness.

 b.  Left ovarian soreness.

 c. A flooding weakness.

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 Sepia officinalis

 30th Potency

 1. Nervousness. Restlessness. Worse at Night. Languor. Dull Witted. Fearful at Night. Worse From Excitement (as regards the leucorrhea and sweating).  Fears and Generalized Trembling. Morning Vertigo, Worse from Bodily Motion.

 2. The Headache is most Typically Constant, Frontal, Dull, and Matutinal. May be vertical or Occipital. A semi-lateral involvement. Hot flashes to Face.  Face red. Scalp is sore. Heavy Painful eyes. Amaurosis. Throbbing in the Head.

  3. Rhinorrrhea, sneezing and white soapy mucus. The throat is raw and sore, and there is a fullness of the ears (worse on the right side). Nocturnally hoarse. Aggravation During Cough. A feeling of wishing to raise mucus from persistent tight cough. Loose cough. Smothery dyspnea with rattles in chest. 

 4. Belching. Canine Hunger. Morning and Evening Nausea. The Vomiting is Nocturnal, preceded by vertigo. Belly Bloat. Diarrhea. Markedly Worse After Eating. Worse from milk and sweets. Heaviness is Upper Abdomen. Stomach feels empty (Noon).

 5. Sleeplessness with Bed-Tossing Restlessness. Rigid from Dreams with Terrify. (Dreams of burglary, fighting, and of being chased).

 6. Itching of the Skin and Aggravation by Touch in Many Parts. Pulling of Skin, especially in the Face. Discoloration of the Skin (red macular, bluish or brown). Skin More Affected on the Left Side of the Body. Sore Scalp. Pimples.

 7. Severe Morning Backache Which is Constant. It is sharp or dull, and worse on motion. Back weak and sore. Aching of the Neck Pains in chest. Sore around heart area, pains in that region.  Asthenia which is Worse in the Morning and Evening. Generalized Aching of the Body. Rheumatism Marked Especially about the Right Shoulder (dull pain). Stiffness, numbness and itching of the Hands. Steady Aching of the Legs. Worse on Walking. Numbness of the Feet and legs. Legs Tired. The hips and Knees are Stiff. Latter are worse before a storm. Burning of Legs and Feet. Aggravation from cold and damp weather.

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 8. Fever with Rapid Pulse. Nocturnal Fever. Feverish Flushes are Generalized and the Face and Head are Prominently Involved. Sweating follows the Heat Flashes; it may be profuse and it is worse when excited. Nocturnal Chilliness ; Follows the Hot Flashes. It is ephemeral in character and bettered by covering. An evening and Nocturnal Thirst. Dry Mouth with Thirst.

 9. Frequent Urination, Diurnal and Nocturnal. It is Profuse. Urine with Milky Appearance and Sediment. Burning during the urination, and worse from holding the same. Dark urine.

 10. Leucorrhea ; Yellow or white, Thin or Thick. The Menses are Premature and there is Lessened Amount. Very black menses. A Bearing Down Feeling in Womb (worse walking, sitting or standing).

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 30th Potency

 1. The burning is generalized Inside or Outside of the Body; Frequent in Any Portion of the Head Area. The Burning is Worse After Eating, and when drinking. Burning Itching. Burning Flushes.  Burning After and Before Urination. A burning during the urination.

 2. Sharp, Even Knife-like and Intermittent Backache, Worse at Night. Worse on Motion (Walking or stooping). Worse on sitting. Better by lying.

 3. Dry Cough, Worse When Coughing, and worse from 6 P.M.  until Noon. When coughing:

 a.  Raw in the trachea.

 b.  A pulling pain in right groin.

 c. An aggravation in the belly.

 d.  The chest becomes sore, then.

 e.  Enuresis on moving.

 f. Sticking in the left chest.

 g. An aggravation of the neuralgia.

 The dry Cough is Worse:

 a.  After eating.

 b.  When lying on the left side.

 c. After walking.

 d.  From a change in temperature. 

 e.  At night (when it whoops or prevents sleeping).

 The dry cough is better in the fresh air, better lying on the right side.

 4. Sour or Bitter Taste in the Mouth, Worse in the Morning and Often with Belching. Worse After Eating. Better by belching. The taste may be Bad, bloody (at night), may be burning, or like rust in the mouth. Waterbrash.

 5. The dyspnea is Left Sided, Nocturnal, and is Worse When Coughing. It is Sticking in Type. Worse After Eating. Worse From Motion and after Coughing. It may be right-sided but only at the back of the lung.

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 6. Nocturnal Thirst With Fever and Dryness of the Mouth, Tongue, Throat, and Lips. When drinking, burning of the left side, and whilst Swallowing fluid, an aggravation of the sore throat.

 7. An Aggravation on Arising After the Night’s Sleep. At that time:

 a. The stomach felt heavy.

 b.  The whole left eye was sore to the touch.

 c. Stitching pains in the left chest.

 d.  Very tired.

 e.  Dull constant backache.

 f. The lips are parched (dry and hot).

 g. Chilliness with sweating.

 h.  Sneezing.

 i. Lacrymation.

 j. Severe coughing spell, (loose with bloody expectoration).

 k. On leaning over, sharp, frontal headache.

 l. Dry mouth.

 m.  Marked painless hoarseness.

 n.  Sour Taste in the mouth.

 o.  Awfully sharp frontal headache.

 8. Fainting Even With Weakness, Worse on Walking. The Legs are Tired and Heavy, and the Knees so Weak, Can Barely Arise When Sitting. Weakness in the epigastrium. So weak cannot eat. Can hardly talk after exercise (so weak). The weakness is worse between 6 P.M.  and 12 A.M.  and between 6 P.M.  and 12 P.M. 

 9. The Headache is Frontal and Constant. It is worse during the daytime. It is more often sharp than dull. Worse on leaning over. Worse by touch. May favor the right side. May throb. May have hot flashes between the headaches. May be associated with nausea.

 10. Morning Nausea. Between or with the Headaches, when walking. Faint with the same, with dull sick feeling in the epigastrium. Nausea but unable to vomit. Nausea followed by vomiting.

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 Viola odorata

 3d potency

 1. The Cough is dry in the daytime, but Loose at Night, with Thick and Yellow Expectoration. Expectoration is often white. The cough is always Worse on Lying Down, and with frequent Nasal Stoppage. Morning Painless Hoarseness and Tickling in the Throat may be consensual.

 2. The Dyspnea is Often Left-Sided. It is only at night and in the morning. Often knife-like. Worse When Breathing, in warm weather, from pressure, and when the belly is bloated. Lung soreness betters after the cough, and fresh air ameliorates the dyspnea and pain.

 3. Uncontrollably fidgety. Sleeplessness After Midnight. Lung pain, constant cough, or thirst prevents sleeping. Confused and frightening Dreams. Unrefreshing sleep. Laughing in sleep. Drowsy.

 4. The Headache is Right-Sided. Hot Head. Headache and earache. Headache is Frontal, and Dull, but Either Constant or Intermittent. It may be sharp, may be Occipital. It is better from coffee or the application of cold water. The earache is worse on the left side, sticking and sharp or dull. Deafness is worse when the nose is stopped. Worse swallowing. The ache often intermits. Hears better at times, then worse.

 5. In the morning, Upper Belly Distension. Morning Nausea. Nausea followed by slimy vomiting. Worse after eating, as regards soreness, weight, bloat and belching. Relief from belching. Worse from hot coffee. Worse from milk (crampy diarrhea). Marked Hunger for Breakfast and Lunch. Worse sugary grape-juice.

 6. Dry Mouth With Thirst in the Morning. Dry Throat, often with no thirst, in daytime. Dry tongue (it is hardly movable so affected), better after breakfast. Dry lips and constantly wetting them. Dry gums (also a constant wetting). Nightly Thirst.

 7. Constant Backache, right-sided, dull or sharp. It is worse at night and by walking and by sitting. It is better by rubbing, by lying down, by standing and by heat. Numb legs. Legs Tired and Heavy.

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 8. Cold Face Sweat worse in the morning. Sweat is bad in the back but not cold there. Worse after exercise. At night, when covered, the sweating ameliorates the lung pain. Sweats one minute, chills the next. Chills generalized, worse at night, especially 1 to 2 A.M.  Worse on motion better from urination. Nocturia. Shaking Chills and goose-flesh.

 9. Giddy with Weakness in the Morning. Joints of lower members give away. Heaviness of the body with drowsiness. Latter in daytime, worse on any bodily motion, with blue nails and face, and palpitation. Vomiting precedent.

 10. Burning States: (a) Burning under the nose. (b) Burning micturition at night, burning before the act, which is long in coming. (c) Burning raw throat. (d) Burning in the back. (e) Burning about the epigastrium. (f) Burning in the stomach. (g) Eyes burn. (j) Burning low down in the throat, like a lump there. 65 per cent of the symptoms are left-sided.