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 Five years ago when i announced my textbook on skin diseases, I had decided that i should publish a separate booklet on hair loss as this complaint is one of the most commonest complaints presented to any physician in the metropolis.

 The market is flooded these days with many wonder drugs. hair oils Shampoos, lotions, the arrival of which is announced with much publicity and very soon the people come to know the futility of such a gimmick.

 The thing which has withstood since last one hundred and eigthy years against all odds is the science of constitutional Homoeopathic Medicine. In this booklet I have described the anatomy, physiological functions, various diseases of the hair. Homoeopathic therapeutics from various materia medica’s Repertory of Hair loss from various Repertories and Clinical cases.

 I hope this will be accepted by the profession like my previous publications.




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 My sincere thanks to :

 1. Kuldeep Jain

 2. Premchand Jain

 3. Ashok Jain

 I who have always encouraged me in my efforts to write a book.

 Dr. Kripal Singh Bakshi and his dynamic Son Dr. Suuny Bakshi for their constant guidance.

 My clinical  assistants :

 Dr. Niloufer Bamji

 Dr. Kamal Kodia

 Dr. Afshan Deshmukh

 Dr. Vincent Castelino

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 Dr. Devika Pooran

 Dr. Swati Kanakiya

 Miss. Roda Bandrawalla for typing the manuscript.

 Mr. Noshir Dadrewalla who is omnipotent in all my endeavors.

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Therapeutics of hair loss

 Hair loss

 Fluoricum acidum

 Itching of the head and falling of the hair after fevers ; the new hair is dry and breaks off ; must comb the hair often. It mats so at the end.

 Aloe socotrina

 The hair come out in lumps, leaving bare patches ; eyelashes also fall out ; dry hair.


 Hair fall from all over body inclusing lashes. Denuded appearance of scalp. Dandruff.

 Ammonium muriaticum

 Large accumulation of branlike scales, with falling off of the hair, which has a deadened and lustreless of appearance, with great itching of the scalp.

 Anantherum muricatum

 Falling of hair from beard and eyebrows.

 Antimonium crudum

 Losing hair from nervous headaches. Itching of the head.

 Arsenicum album

 Touching the hair is painful ; bald patches at or near the forehead, bregma, sides, scalp covered with dry scabs and scales, looking rough and dirty extending sometimes even to forehead, face and ears. Brittle and stiff hair. Dandruff.

 Aurum metallicum

 Syphilitic alopecia.

 Baryta carbonica

 Hair fall from vertex and moustache. Baldness, especially of the crown, in young people ; scalp very sensitive to touch agg. from scratching, touch.


 Hair fall from eyebrows and bregma brittle hair.

 Borax veneta

 Hair rough and horny. Tangles at tips, sticks together. If brunches are cut they reform. Hair can’t be combed smooth  -  especially occiput, sides, vertex, temples, beard, nostrils.

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 Bovista lycoperdon

 Hair fall from sides.

 Calcarea carbonica

 Hair falls out, especially when combing ; dryness of hair ; great sensitiveness of scalp ; with yellowish or white scales on scalp ; sensation of coldness of outer head.

 Calcarea phosphorica

 Falling of hair in bunches.

 Cantharis vesicatoria

 Hair falls out in bunches, spots when combing, especially during conginement and lactation ; scales on scalp, enormous dandruff, stiff hair.

 Carbo vegetabilis

 Falling out of hair after severe diseases or abuse of mercury, with great sensitiveness of scalp to pressure ; hair falls out more on back of head, after severe illness or parturition. Hair fall worse from warmth of head, cold sweat on forehead.


 Hair fall from eyebrows and nostrils.

 China officinalis

 Hair sweats much (Bry) and falls out. Sore, sensitive.

 Scalp agg. touching

 Scalp agg. combing.

 Colchicum autumnale

 Prurigo favosa ; great falling of the hair.

 Fluoricum acidum

 Hair fall after syphilis, fevers. Large patches entirely denuded of hair ; new hair brittle, dry and breaks off ; must comb the hair often ; it mats so the end ; baldness. Hair in tangles, congestion of blood to the head.


 Even the hair on the sides of the head, vertex and nostrils falls out. Dry, tangled, matted or brittle hair. Perspiration of scalp, greying of hair. Dandruff, like milk crusts.

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 Helleborus niger

 Losing hair from the eyebrows or pudenda.

 Hepar sulphur

 Hair fall after parturition. Hair falls out here and there – vertex, occiput, bregma leaving bald spots. Scalp sore and sensitive.

 Hypericum perforatum

 Alopecia from headaches, caused by concussion of the brain.


 Falling of hair after injury. Hair fall in bunches – stiff hair.

 Kalium carbonicum

 Alopecia after nervous fevers ; dry brittle hair, rapidly falling off from eyebrow, temple, beard, moustache and sides with much dandruff. Greying of hair.

 Lachesis mutus

 Hair fall especial in pregency. Sensitive scalp. Does not want hair touched. 

 Lycopodium clavatum

 Hair fall from temples and vertex. Hair becomes grey early ; hair falls off after abdominal diseases ; after parturition, with burning, scalding, itching of the scalp, especially on getting warm from exercise during the day. Dandruff.


 Losing hair after severe acute diseases.

 Mercurius solubilis

 Hair falls out mostly on sides and eyelashes, bregma, temples, without any headache. Greasy hair.


 Hair fall in handfuls. Curly hair. Hair sticks together. Thick leathery crusts under which pus collects. White scabs and dandruff.

 Natrium muriaticum

 Hair fall after nursing. Hair falls out if touched : mostly on forepart of head, bregma, moustache, temples and beard ; scalp very sensitive ; face shining as if greasy. Dandruff on occiput.

 Nitricum acidum

 Hair fall from beard and vertex.


 Much itching ; scurf on the hairy scalp and falling off of the hair in bunches, spots especially from occiput.

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 Phosphoricum acidum

 Hair fall after grief, anguish and debility especially from sides. Gnawing grief changes hair of the young to grey ; Dry, greasy and fluffy hair. Hair fall from the sides.


 Hair fall after mental emotion or sickness. Round patches on scalp completely deprived of hair ; falling off the hair in large bunches on the tufts, occiput, forehead and on the sides above the ears ; they roots of the hair seems to be dry ; the denuded scalp looks clear white and smooth ; dandruff copious, falls out in clouds. Itching of the scalp.

 Plumbum metallicum

 Great dryness of hair, it falls off even in beard.


 Hair fall from temples.

 Sarsaparilla officinalis

 Mercurio-syphilitic affections of the head ; sensitiveness of scalp ; falling of the hair.

 Selenium metallicum

 Hair falls off when combing ; also of eyebrows, whiskers, vertex, eyelashes and genitals ; tingling, itching on scalp, which feels tense and contracted. Does not want hair touched.

 Sepia officinalis

 Hair fall chronic headaches and menopause especially from vertex and occiput, worse when combing. Itching of root of hair.

 Silicea terra

 Premature baldness, itching of scalp or of vulva before menses. Hair fall from vertex, occiput, bregma beard and nostrils after headaches or perturition.


 Hair falls out, mostly from occiput, eyelashes, sides and around the ears, with humid, foetid eruption or dandruff on the scalp. Hair pulls out without pain after the slightest effort ; offensiveness. Head lice.

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 Hair fall after parturition. Hair fall from occiput and eyelashes. Dandruff, hair dry, falling off, scalp sore to touch, itching violently agg. when getting warm in bed and washing. Hair grey, offensive, dry, cold and hard.


 Hair falls out after syphilis, in circles from heard and scalp.

 Thallium met. + -act. (old abbr.)

 Hair fall after excessive perspiration of scalp and after acute exhausting diseases.

 Thuja occidentalis

 White, scaly dandruff ; hair dry and falling out. Hair fall after headache, from vertex. Dry or greasy hair, lustreless and split. Gray hair.


 Premature graying of hair.

 Vinca minor

 Hair falls out in single spots and white hair grows there ; spots on head oozing moisture, the hair matting together. Bald patches covered. Itching of scalp with short wooly hair.

 Wiesbaden aqua

 Hair falls and grows rapidly. Hard, brittle and lustreless hair.

 Zincum metallicum

 Hair fall from sides and vertex.

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 Clinical cases of hair fall

 Miss M.T.  : has complained of hair falling with flanking of skin of scalp.

 Change of colour from black ΰ brown

 Head pain W Sun

 Desires sweets

 Desires sour.

 Perspiration profuse in axilla.

 Moody ΰ before menses

 Hot patient

 Angry when dominated



 On the following symptoms Natrum-mur was selected in 200 potency on 1-6-90. As the reponse to the medicine was good and the hair fall was showing improvement. Nat-mur was given with increasing potencies uptl 10 M then 50 M till 4th June 1991. The patient is showing improvement in the hair fall and also the complaint of headache is better with the medicine.

 Miss R.D.  : had come with the complaint of hair fall associated with dandruff causing severe itching of the scalp. She also complained of dark circles around the eyes and cracks of the heels.


 Desires – Spicy food

 Desires – meat

 Perspiration – axilla

 Hot patient

 Nervous patient


 Confidence lack of

 contradiction agg.’s


 PAGE 48

 Based on the following data, repertorization of the case was done and the remedy Natrum-mur was selected, Initially it was given in 30 potency and then gradually increased to 200-1m- 10m.

 Mrs. T.S.  : Complaint of hair fall with dandruff. Scaling of scalp, itching in scalp +

 agg. night

 agg. perspiration during

 amel. scratching

 Head pain – throbbing agg. coughing

 agg. laughing

 Obese person

 Menses irregular

 Leucorrhoea – Before menses

 Perspiration – forehead

 Desires – sour and pungent food.

 Hot patient

 Fear of being alone


 Offended easily


 Based on the above symptomatology and after repertorizartion Phosphorous was selected in 200 potency later increased to 1M- 10, -50M.

 Miss. S.D. S. : age 6 years came with problem of hair fall with recurrent tendency to catch cold.

 Desires – pickless

 desires – cold drinks

 Perspiration – forehead

 Fear of dark

 Fear of ghost

 Restlessness – children in

 Sensitive to reprimands

 Nail biting

 After repertorization, phosphorus was selected in 30 potency then 200 –1M –10M –50M.