SIVARAMAN P., Dreams and their Homoeopathic Medicines

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 Any deviation from normal health is termed as disease. Disease is made known by signs and symptoms felt by the sufferer and observed by others. The weaker organs will suffer more than the others and thereby the entire person suffers, in other words, he becomes a patient. It is a foolish idea to repair the diseased organs alone forsaking the patient. Alteration of this morbid state can only be accomplished by an agent which cause such a morbid state in a healthy individual. If the individual becomes normal his organs too become so.

 Disease, as said earlier, is made known by symptoms. The homoeopath should perceive what this symptom picture is worth. Symptoms, however insignificant may seem to the patient, may, perhaps, be a pointer for the proper selection of the apt remedy for the homoeopath. To get the symptom picture or totality of the symptoms, the good homoeopath inquires in detail all the symptoms of the patient in his own language and of attendants in their own language. Dreams are also such symptoms. A sincere homoeopath finds guiding lights through such a symptom - DREAMS.

 “Dreams, to a homoeopath, are often-times quite guiding”, Dr. N.M.  CHOUDHURI says. He continues. “They give us a far better insight into the deeper nature of our patient than many of the so-called symptoms that crop up and float on  the surface to meet our superficial gaze.

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 It is not for nothing that dreams differ. Some dream of accidents, other of amorous subjects, others again off topics of varied nature - each dream in its turn specifying a particular temperament, or more correctly a special deviation of the individual from the normal. Important cure have been recorded, based on dreams alone. Hence a special study of the dreams, together with their remedies, will not be out of place.”

 “The homoeopathic system of treatment is thoroughly scientific. It encompasses the patient in his entirety. It does not, like the other schools of treatment, regards its patient as a conglomeration of various detached self-sufficient, autogenic units, each working out its own salvation, independent of the central vital force, that really stimulates, guides, protects and preserves, all the different organs in a system of complete harmony unison. Therefore, we take into account not only the workings and deviations of all the organs of our patient and their functions, both normal and abnormal, but look deeper even into the thoughts, ideas, sentiments, and even further into the unconscious and subconscious state of our patient.”

 With these humble words I place this little volume in the hands of my homoeopathic breathern in the fond hope that this will be of some help to them to carry out their business of curing the sick.




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 Abies nigra

 Very bad dreams.


 Restless sleep; frightful dreams and trembling on awaking.

 Aconitum napellus

 Anxious dreams, with much talking and moving while sleeping. Anxious dreams with nightmare. Dreams with a sort of clairvoyance.

 Cimicifuga racemosa

 Unpleasant dreams of being in troubles.

 Adonis vernalis

 Restless sleep, with horrible dreams.

 Allium cepa

 Dreams of being near water; of battles, precipices, deep wells; of storms, high waves; annoying in convalescents.

 Allium sativum

 Dreams of water and storms, of rapid transit from place to place; anxious; continuing after waking.


 Dreams frequent, anxious, with talking, laughter, tears, lamentations, groans, and somnambulism. Dreams of horses, of quarrels, and of vexations, of fire, of marriages, of spectres, of death, of robbers. Dreams with fear of death after waking. Nightmare.

 Ambra grisea

 Sleep, with anxious dreams and reveries.   

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 Ammonium carbonicum

 Sleep full of dreams, both anxious and romantic, historical and lascivious. Dreams of spectres, of death, of vermins, and of quarrels.

 Ammonium muriaticum

 Many dreams, anxious, terrific, or lascivious; of falling into water; of sickness.

 Anacardium orientale

 Anxious dreams, disgusting or horrible, with cries, lively dreams, with meditation and activity of mind, followed by a pain, as from a bruise, in the head after waking. Dreams of projects, of fire, of diseases, of deaths, of dead bodies and of dangers. Dreams vivid: recur during day as if real, as if they had really happened.

 Angustura vera

 Sleep disturbed by frequent dreams.

 Antimonium crudum

 Dreams, horrible; anxious, as if he were to be hurt; full of quarrelling, about mutilation of men;  voluptuous, or painful.

 Aphis chenopodii glauci

 Lascivious dreams with pollutions.

 Apis mellifica

 Sleep disturbed by many dreams. Dreams full of care and toil; of making long journeys; of flying through the air; of hot stones; of walking over hot floors; of walking a long way over wet roads; of assembled people.

 Argentum nitricum

 Restless at night; when he does sleep has all sorts of troubled dreams. Restless  stupefied sleep, with horrid dreams of serpents; sees departed friends, the dead, ghosts at night; dreams of putrid water. Prevented falling asleep by fancies and images. Wakes in the morning, dreams he is  hungry and wakes with flatulence and spasms and twinges.

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 Arnica montana

 Anxious dreams about animals. Sleep not refreshing and full of anxious and terrible dreams, and waking with starts and frights. Dreams of death, of mutilated bodies, of unbraiding, of indecision; of large black dogs (Bell.), cats. Dreams that she is overwhelmed with reproaches. Can hardly realize it has been a dream. Dreams: of men being flayed; of lightning having struck; of graves.

 Arsenicum album

 Frequent dreams, full of cares, threats, apprehensions, repentings and inquietude, anxious horrible, fantastic, lively and angry dreams; dreams of storms, of fire, of black waters and darkness; of death; of robbers; is pursued; that a dog was biting him and he could not get away (Stram.); dreams with meditation.

 Asarum europaeum

 Nightly vexatious dreams, about humiliations. 

 Asclepias tuberosa

 Uneasy, restless sleep. Troublesome dreams.

 Atropinum-pur. + -s. (old abbr.)

 Waked by frightful dreams.

 Aurum metallicum

 Restless sleep, with anxious dreams; of thieves; of disputes. Dreamed a  great deal of death. Dreaming of the dead and corpses (Thuja, Elaps).

 Aurum sulphuratum

 Troublesome frightful dreams; of thieves; of assassins. 

 Azadirachta indica

 Dreams of quarrels.

 Bacillinum burnett

 Drowsy during day; restless at night; many dreams.

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 Awake 3-4 a.m.  with frightful dreams and severe cramping pains in metatarsal bones of both feet.

 Baptisia tinctoria

 Restless sleep, with frightful dreams.

 Baryta carbonica

 Nocturnal sleep, agitated, with frequently and anxious dreams. Sleep with many unquiet dreams.


 Dreams: anxious, terrible, frightful, vivid, dreams of fires, of robbers, of assassins, of swimming, pursued by giants; meditative dreams. Nightmare.

 Berberis vulgaris

 Unquiet sleep, disturbed by burning itching of the skin, or by anxious dreams.

 Bismuthum-sn. (+ -o.) (old abbr.)

 Night sleep disturbed by lascivious dreams, with or without emissions. Voluptuous dreams.

 Bovista lycoperdon

 Nocturnal sleep, agitated by anxious and frightful dreams.

 Brucea antidysenterica

 Sleep full of dreams, with ebullition of the blood. Sleep troubled, with confused or frightful, terrifying dreams.

 Bryonia alba

 Unquiet sleep, with confused dreams, and great flow of ideas. Disagreeable  vexatious dreams. Vivid dreams of the transactions of the day. Nightmare.

 Cactus grandiflorus

 Dreams; frightful; lascivious.

 Caladium seguinum

 Dreams: frightful.

 Calcarea carbonica

 Dreams frequent, vivid, anxious, fantastic, confused,  frightful, and horrible; or dreams of sick and dead persons, smell of corpses. Fearful of fantastic dreams during sleep. Voluptious dreams.

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 Calcarea caustica

 Restless; many dreams; nightmare.

 Calcarea fluorica

 Vivid and distinct dreams, with weeping. Jumped form bed in a dream and tried to get out of a window, which woke him.

 Calcarea phosphorica

 Frequent dreams, sometimes with reflections, dreams of dangers and fires.

 Camphora officinalis

 Dreams: anxious; fearful; visions of spirits; about what is intended or what has happened in  morning hours.

 Cannabis indica

 Sound sleep, with melancholy dreams. Voluptuous dreams, with erections and profuse seminal emissions. Dreams: prophetic; vexations; of dead bodies, of dangers, and of perils to be encountered. Nightmare every night as soon as he falls asleep.

 Capsicum annuum

 Sensation as if falling from a height during sleep. Sleep full of dreams.

 Carbo animalis

 Sleep, with unquiet dreams, tears, talking and hollow groans.

 Carbo vegetabilis

 Dreams frequent, fantastical, anxious and terrible, with tossing about of the body, or with starting and fright.

 Carboneum sulphuratum

 Sudden waking from bad dreams or nervous starting. Nightmare.

 Carduus marianus

 Restless sleep with frequent awakening and many dreams. Nightmare from lying on back.

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 Carlsbad aqua

 Dreams frightful with tossing. Unremembered dreams.

 Castoreum canadense

 Anxious and frightful dreams.


 Anxious dreams, about grievous things, or about quarrels, or confused and voluptuous, with talking and laughter.

 Ceanothus americanus

 Dreamed all night; of snakes; of robbers.


 Dreamed of pleasant social interviews with female acquaintances. Dreamed of a quarrelling with a dead sister and other dead friends; cried about it and awoke with a nightmare, with sensation of a stone in the stomach.

 Centaurea tagana

 Voluptuous dreams.

 Cereus bonplandii

 Dreamed: of large assemblies; of forgotten scenes. Re-dreamed old dreams.


 Fantastical, lively, quarrelsome and vexatious dreams, with morose sullen aspect.

 Chelidonium majus

 Sleep dreamful, unrefreshing. Dreams of corpses and funerals. Vivid dreams of business matters. Dreams of great lice on her shoulders. Dreams: pneumonia, falling, bloody wounds, being killed, being buried alive.

 China boliviana

 Dreams: of sea; of fishes; of swimming; of bathing; of journeys by land and sea; of vomiting worms.

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 China officinalis

 Confused dreams when falling asleep. Painful, frightful dreams, which continue to produce agitation after waking. Disordered, senseless dreams, after midnight, with a sort of stupidity on waking. Dreams of falling from a height.

 Chininum arsenicosum

 Nervous restless, anxious dreams.

 Chininum muriaticum

 Anxious dreams, woke in fright. Dreams of worms, lice, vermin. Strange dreams, then great fear.

 Cicuta virosa

 Half-sleep, with restless movements and confused dreams. Vivid dreams of the events of the day. Vivid dreams which cannot be recollected.

 Cinchoninum sulphuricum

 Voluptuous dreams and painful erections.


 Restless sleep, with vivid dreams and much talking. Nightmare after midnight.

 Clematis erecta

 Sleep, with frequent dreams, agitation, and tossing; vivid, lascivious dreams.

 Cobaltum metallicum

 Wakens from lewd dreams and pollutions.

 Cocculus indicus

 Vivid dreams, exciting fear. Anxious, frightful dreams, dreams of death, of disease.

 Coccus cacti

 Uneasy restless sleep, interrupted by vivid dreams.


 Frightful dreams.

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 Coffea tosta

 Wakefulness, with ecstatic excitement, intermitting with dreams. Visions of enchantment; followed by dreams of death of dear friends, which do not abate the cheerfulness or exhilaration, but he looks at all with supernatural indifference.


 Disturbed sleep at night (by dreams). Frequent vivid and lascivious dreams.

 Comocladia dentata

 Dreamy, refreshing sleep with pleasant dreams, almost clairvoyant.

 Conium maculatum

 Disturbed and unrefreshing sleep, with lachrymation, and frequent, anxious, and frightful dreams. Dreams of wretched diseases, of physical mutilation, death, danger, full of shame; of threatening dangers; of anger and vexation; of dead people, death of those living and of quarrels.

 Convolvulus duartinus

 Dreams: about quarrelling; about dead persons; falling out of his front teeth; of flying along a lighted street; appearance of a ghost; wakes with a start.

 Copaiva officinalis

 Frightful, or lascivious dreams.

 Corallium rubrum

 As soon as she falls asleep she starts up, on account of frightful dreams.

 Cornus alternifolia

 Dreams: of dead rats mashed to a pulp; of coitus and an emission.

 Cornus circinata

 Sleep unrefreshing and disturbed by unpleasant dreams.

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 Crocus sativus

 Frightful, or gay and pleasant dreams.

 Crotalus cascavella

 Dreams of corpses and ghosts.

 Crotalus horridus

 Dreams of travelling, of quarrels; of the dead.

 Croton tiglium

 Disturbed sleep during the night, in consequence of a multitude of dreams, which are sometimes painful and anxious. At night, in bed, anxious tossing about, without power to sleep; afterwards sudden sleep, with painful dreams. Numerous dreams, concerning the sleeper himself, of a painful and afflicting character.


 Cannot sleep late enough to obtain a good nights’ rest; dreams of fire and the business of day.

 Cyclamen europaeum

 Nightmare on falling asleep. Unrefreshing sleep interfused with terrible dreams.

 Daphne indica

 Dreams of fire; or of black cats, with nightmare.

 Digitalis purpurea

 Nocturnal sleep, interrupted by anxious dreams, with starts (as if one were falling from a height or into water).

 Dirca palustris

 Dreams of dead bodies.

 Doryphora decemlineata

 While sleeping, wild dreams, screams as if in great distress.


 Frightful dreams.

 Echinacea angustifolia

 Sleep full of dreams. Screams about exciting things all night. Dreams of dead relations.

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 Elaps corallinus

 Dreams of business, of dead persons; fighting with a galley slave; puts a dead body in a shroud and digs a knife into its wounds, then is remorseful and weep. Dreams of the dead and embraces them (Thuja, Calc.).


 Dreams confused and diquieting.

 Equisetum hyemale

 Sleep much disturbed by tiresome dreams of many persons, places, and things.

 Erechthites hieracifolia

 Dreams of nudity and shame.

 Eugenia jambos

 Profound stupefying sleep, even at noon, with confused dreams.

 Eupatorium purpureum

 Sleep restless and mind disturbed, frightful dreams.

 Euphrasia officinalis

 Frightful dreams, with frequent waking and starting with fright.


 Dreams of disgusting things; of naked persons; anxious dreams; of her child falling into the water. Frightful dreams, the same dream repeated. Dreams that she is pursued by oxen; of falling into abyss.

 Fagopyrum esculentum

 Restless night; wakes 5 a.m.  and sleeps again; many dreams.

 Ferrum metallicum

 Excessive drowsy fatigue, with agitated sleep, at night, anxious tossing, numerous dreams, and difficulty in going to sleep again after waking. Vivid dreams.

 Ferrum iodatum

 Sleep restless; frequent waking; many dreams of long past events; easy erections. Dreams of thieves and fighting with them.

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 Dreams that he has grown very large, thirty feet high, and everything around is small and insignificant; the bedstead was too small and short.

 Ferrum magneticum

 Absurd dreams at night, and awaking towards three o’clock in the morning, with perspiration and heat. Dreams immediately after lying down, waking with a start.

 Ferrum phosphoricum

 Restless sleep with anxious dreams; great depression in the morning. Dreams of quarrelling; suddenly changes to happy conversation with another person.

 Ferrum picricum

 Restless sleep with unpleasant (often erotic) dreams.

 Fluoricum acidum

 Dreams towards morning.

 Franzensbad aqua

 Frequent waking with  usually vivid and remembered dreams.

 Fraxinus americana

 Wakefulness first part of night; last part dreamed that two rough men came into the house; in putting them out I was cut with a knife; I called for police, and that awoke me; I was breathing quick, with a fearful feeling.


 Dreams of chewing something which seems to have an agreeable flavour; vivid dreams; dreams in which the sleeper appears to fly.


 Anxious, vexatious dreams.

 Gastein aqua

 Confused dreams towards morning. Dreams of sexual excitement.

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 Agitated sleep, with frequent dreams, cries and tossing.


 Great agitation at night, with anxious and frightful dreams, oppression and choking. Dreams of death and of fire: dreams with meditation.

 Guajacum officinale

 Nightmare, when lying on the back, waking with screams.

 Guarea trichiloides

 Dreams, anxious, melancholy, full of strife.

 Hall aqua

 Night restless, with many dreams; unpleasant.

 Helleborus niger

 Confused, anxious dreams, the resemblance of which retained.

 Heloderma-h. + -s. (old abbr.)

 Vivid dream about giving a lecture in spite of feeling prostrated. Dreamed of the lizard. Dreamed of urinating in bed, but did not; awoke and passed a large quantity. Dreams repeated the same night.

 Hepar sulphur

 Dreams of fire, sickness, danger, guns, anxiety; of fleeing from danger; expectorating blood and pus.

 Hura brasiliensis

 Dreams of travelling; of swimming; of yellow water; of corpses; of assassins.

 Hydrastis canadensis

 Dreams wearisome, restless sleep.

 Hydrocyanicum acidum

 Lively dreams without connection; anxious, disquieting dreams of death.

 Hypericum perforatum

 Dreams: with activity, travelling; vivid; distressing.

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 Iberis amara

 Sleep at night disturbed by all sorts of dreams. Restless turning in bed, with ludicrous dreams. Restless nights with horrid dreams.

 Ignatia amara

 Sleep disturbed by nightmare, or by starts and frequent dreams. Dreams, with reflection and reasoning, or with ideas. Dreams with fixed ideas, continuing after waking. Dreams full of mental exertion and scientific investigations.

 Indium metallicum

 Dreams: lascivious; amorous; of having unsuccessful intercourse with men;  vivid of what had occupied his mind during the day; of annoying accidents; of being in foreign countries; chased by mad bulls; lost in mountains. Nightmare: from lying on back; very stupid on awaking.

 Inula helenium

 Dreams: lascivious; disgusting.


 Agitated dreams. Restless sleep with vivid or anxious dreams.


 Restless sleep, full of dreams. Confused dreams; of accidents.


 Frightful dreams, with frequent starts and terror during sleep.

 Iris versicolor

 Amorous dreams with seminal emissions.


 Distressing dreams towards morning. Dreams of accidents and fights, waking him twice at night.

 Jacaranda caroba

 Restless sleep with frightful dreams.

 Juglans cinerea

 Dreams: vivid; frightful; frightful at night, and waking covered with sweat; troublesome; of being among natives; ridiculous. 

 Juglans regia

 Restless sleep, with frightful dreams. Restless dreams.

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 Juncus effusus

 Dreams of hunting; of jests; laughs aloud in his sleep.

 Kalium bromatum

 Sleepiness; deep sleep, often broken by a start, though waking is very difficult; confused dreams. Night-terrors of children; grinding teeth in sleep, moans, cries; horrible dreams.

 Kalium carbonicum

 Agitated sleep, with frequent, anxious, and frightful dreams. Dreams of robbers, death, danger, serpents, sickness, spectres and devils.

 Kalium chloricum

 Sleep uneasy; and interrupted by heavy dreams. Sleep full of vexing dreams. Waking towards morning from an anxious dream, lying on back, snoring and breathing with difficulty. Dreams of occurrences of day previous. Quiet dreams of prophecies of death; of death from nervous (typhus) fever. Voluptuous dreams with emissions.

 Kalium cyanatum

 Restless, dreamful sleep all night, could not lie on one side for any length of time. Dreams very lively, especially towards morning. During whole night, dreams horrid exciting; then waking up partially, and feeling tired of lying on that side, as after great fatigue; turning on other side, another dream, waking, and turning again, and so on till morning.     

 Kalium iodatum

 Dreams: wandering; journeys; of danger; anxious; that she would be killed; of falling and consequent violent starting up. Nightmare.

 Kalium nitricum

 Disturbed sleep at night; constant dreaming, with frequent awakening; anxious and uneasy dreams about dangerous situations.  Nightmare.

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 Kalium phosphoricum

 Dreamed he was only partially clothed in a public place. Lascivious dreams; with emission, wakes angry and cross.

 Kalium sulphuricum

 Very vivid dreams.

 Kalmia latifolia

 Dreams: racking his brains; fantastic; of murder.

 Kissingen aqua

 One dream follows another the whole night though he frequently wakes between them. Dreamy sleep with confused dreams. Frightful dreams of murder and fire.


 Frequent, anxious dreams; dreams of snow, of falling, pursuits, poisoning, emaciation, fire, of erections and of wanting to make water, of foul and disgusting linen, etc.

 Lac caninum

 Dreamed a large snake was in bed. Dreams frequently that she is urinating, and wakes to find herself on point of doing so (Sepia), requiring immediate relief.

 Lac felinum

 Dreamed of earthquakes.

 Lac vaccinum

 General restlessness and bad dreams. Dreams of trying to lay out a corpse, etc.

 Lachesis mutus

 Restless sleep, with many dreams. Dreams connected and frequent, poetical and meditative or voluptuous; dreams of quarrels, of horrible things, of spectres and of death. Dreaming: frequent waking; again and again dozing and dreaming.

 Lachnanthes tinctoria

 Sleepless, or restless sleep, with distressing dreams.

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 Lac vaccinum flos

 Horrible dreams; saw a dead person in a coffin; slept and dreamed the same dreams; feels stupid does not care to speak.

 Lactuca virosa (old abbr.)

 Dreams: fantastic, during a troubled sleep; lively and sometimes anxious (of suicide by firearms), during a profound sleep; towards morning, sometimes of a strange character, and as if patient were whirling round upon the foot; sleep the whole night with many dreams.


 Troublesome and agitated dreams.

 Ledum palustre

 Agitated anxious dreams. Uneasy dreams, in which he changes from place to place, and from one subject to another. Lascivious dreams, with emission of semen.

 Lepidium bonariense

 Dreams she is talking with dead persons. Sad dreams with fear on waking.

 Lilium tigrinum

 Dreams: frightful and laboured; unpleasant; voluptuous; half awaking; intervals seem very long; (of dead people).

 Linum catharticum

 Dreams: lascivious; of travelling; of cholera.

 Lippspringe aqua

 Unremembered, anxious dreams with frequent waking. Many dreams of dead people and coffins.

 Lithium carbonicum

 Voluptuous dreams, tenesmes vesicae, and erections, which subside after urination.

 Lobelia inflata

 Wakened early by very impressive dreams; arms amputated; wounded by a shot, etc. Disturbed sleep with many dreams, sometime anxious; painful dreams; numerous without intermediate awakening; cold sweat.

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 Dreams: horrible; of death; murder; waking in affright. 

 Lycopodium clavatum

 Disturbed and restless sleep, with anxious and frightful dreams, and frequent waking with fright. Voluptuous, vivid, mournful dreams; dreams of murder or of the occupations of the day, etc. Anxious dreams of fatal accidents; people drowning; boat capsizing; of sickness.

 Lycopus virginicus

 Sleep restless, full of troublesome dreams.


 Dreams: of influential persons to whom he is a servant or subordinate; of a Latin debate with students of law, astonished of the facility and fluency with which he has spoken Latin, far greater than he was capable of in a waking state; of dogs all the time; of fighting; of high places; of insane asylum; of churches.


 Dreams of being on high places and in danger of falling.

 Magnesium carbonicum

 Many anxious dreams, with talking, cries, and starting from fright. Dreams of fire, flood robbers, quarrels, money, pleasures, misfortunes, dead persons, etc.

 Magnesium muriaticum

 Anxious and frightful dreams, with talking and cries during sleep. Nightmare.

 Magnesium phosphoricum

 Sleep disturbed by troublesome dreams; wakes with impression that some one is in the room; saw some one standing near.

 Magnesium sulphuricum

 Many dreams, sometimes disagreeable and anxious (with starting).

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 Magnetis poli ambo

 Amorous, lascivious dreams.

 Magnetis polus australis

 Confused, frightful dreams. Prolonged dreams on the same subject, with fatiguing meditation. Dreams of incendiary fires.

 Magnolia grandiflora

 Extravagant dreams.

 Manganum-act. + -c. (old abbr.)

 Many vivid and anxious dreams, of which a distinct remembrance is retained.


 Dreams of ghosts, of apparitions.


 Dreams: horrid; painful; exhausting; that she is drinking; of walking; of ghosts and dead people.

 Melilotus officinalis

 Dreams: unpleasant, of bickering.

 Menispermum canadense

 Restless; troubled and confused dreams; sudden starting from sleep. Dreams: pleasing; of innumerable rats which creep under clothes; of commanding.

 Menyanthes trifoliata

 Agitated sleep, with vivid, unremembered dreams.

 Mephitis putorius

 Very vivid dreams, the recollection of which is retained. Dreams of fire, water, distressing losses, of spitting of blood, etc. Nightmare.

 Mercurialis perennis

 Sleep unrefreshing, full of dreams. Dreams of animals.

 Mercurius solubilis

 Frequent, anxious, horrible, fantastic, historical, vivid and voluptuous dreams; dreams of robbers of dogs that bite, of rebellion, of floods, of discharges, of firearms, etc.

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 Mercurius iodatus ruber

 Dreams: frightful; of travelling; swimming; lascivious.

 Mercurius corrosivus

 Dreams: of conflagrations and murder.

 Mercurius iodatus flavus

 Frightful dreams; of coffins and drownings; nightmare.


 Vivid dreams, in which the passions are strongly excited. Dreams in which nothing succeeds.

 Murex purpurea

 Distressing dreams; from which patient sometimes awakens with a start.

 Myrica cerifera

 Unrefreshing sleep, with frequent wakings and bad dreams. Amorous dreams, with emission. Ugly dreams, at one time that his head was attacked by enormous bugs, which he felt obliged to kill with difficulty.

 Myristica sebifera

 Restless sleep with dreams about business; about disputes; unconnected, about houses being built commencing with top stories.

 Naja tripudians

 Vivid dreams. A vivid dreamy night; affairs of the day recalled, with additions, and new plans for the morrow. Dreams of murders, suicides, fires, etc.

 Natrium carbonicum

 Uneasy sleep, full of vivid dreams, sometimes confused and lascivious, with violent erections and pollutions. Dreams; pleasant; amorous. Anxious dreams, which after waking, seem to be true. Frightful dreams of death, floods, quarrels, robbers, devils, thieves, etc. Dreams about travelling. 

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 Natrium muriaticum

 Agitated sleep, full of vivid and lascivious dreams, with prolonged erections and pollutions. Anxious, distressing dreams, with tears and talking during sleep. Frightful dreams of quarrels, murders, fire, thieves, etc. Dreams of thieves in the house, making so strong an impression that patient wakes up and cannot go to sleep again until the house has been searched (Ars., Lach.); fantastic dreams. Dreams of burning thirst; starts and talks in sleep and tosses about. Dreams which still keep possession of the mind after waking, and which are believed to be realities. Horrible, distressing dreams: reproaches himself for the past mistakes, for crimes for which he must answer (Ars., Kalibrom., Rob.). Nightmare. 

 Natrium phosphoricum

 Dreams: sexual; vexing; of the dead.

 Natrium sulphuricum

 Uneasy sleep, with anxious and disagreeable dreams. Dreams in which patient imagines himself to be flying. Dreams of an expanse of water, of one drowning in it; of things floating on a river. Anxious, frightful dreams disturb the sleep. Dreams of being insulted and fighting, of being involved in a mob-fight.

 Nitricum acidum

 Many fantastical, voluptuous, anxious, frightful dreams, often with cries, plaintive groans, talking, and starts with fright. Dreams of death, of spectres, of business of day, of crimes, of festivities, etc.

 Nux moschata

 Starting in sleep like electric shocks with nightmare. Dreams: of falling from high places; of being pursued.

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 Nux vomica

 Goes to sleep late; wakens at 3 a.m.  and lies awake till break of day, when he falls into a dull sleep full of dreams, from which it is hard to rouse, and wakens late, feeling tired. Continual, fantastic, terrible, and anxious or voluptuous dreams, full of cruelties and horror; pursued by cats and dogs (Stram., Bell.); about fatal accidents; of quarrelling; about exerting the mind (Lyc., Ign.) or of meditation and cares; dreams of lice (Chel.) and vermin, mutilated bodies, teeth falling out, of the occupations of the day, and of urgent business. Amorous. Nightmare.


 Sleeplessness and agitation at night. Agitated and lascivious dreams, and frequent waking. Voluptuous dreams with seminal omissions.

 Oleum jecoris aselli

 Dreams of seeing objects in the room during sleep.

 Onosmodium virginianum

 Dreams many, vivid.


 Uneasy sleep, with anxious dreams. Nightmare. Lascivious, frightful, and anxious dreams. Dreams and cannot be roused. Pleasant, fantastic dreams.

 Opuntia vulgaris

 At night dreams of women.

 Origanum majorana

 Dreams: vivid, anxious; lascivious; exciting. 

 Osmium met. + -ac. (old abbr.)

 Restless sleep; with painful dreams. Sleep heavy, interrupted by nightmare. Dreams: of fire, confused, but not frightful; unremembered of activity and of serious and important events.

 Oxalicum acidum

 Dreams, with fright and fear; sits up and looks around.

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 Oxytropis lamberti

 Dreams of a pleasant or lascivious character. Dreamed of spiders, bugs, of swimming in water; of quarrelling.

 Paeonia officinalis

 Sleep; restless, and dreams unremembered; restless, disturbed the first night by burning in epigastric region, afterwards by voluptuous dreams with emissions, or by anxious and vivid dreams of death, etc. Sleep unrefreshing, disturbed by many and unrefreshing dreams. Dreams: unremembered; frightful, of the death of relatives, etc.; quarrelsome; anxious after vivid, wonderful, and amorous; amorous, with emission; amorous after midnight, disturbing sleep; of a ghost sitting upon his chest and oppressing his breath, so that he often woke groaning; of a figure sitting upon his chest, making respiration anxious.

 Palladium metallicum

 Dreams: every night; of buildings; wide stairs; many rooms.


 Sensual, lascivious dreams.

 Paris quadrifolia

 Incomplete, broken, and agitated sleep at night, with continued tossing and numerous dreams. Voluptuous dreams with erections and pollutions.

 Paullinia pinnata

 Dreams: disgusting; of lepers; of dead people.

 Pediculus capitis

 Dreams: frightful; monstrous; of a hospital, full of vermin; amorous; confused; of being pursued.

 Penthorum sedoides

 Dreams: fantastic; voluptuous and increased desire symphathetic with urinary excitement.

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 Petiveria tetandra

 Dreams: of corpses and starts up in cold sweat; sad; unpleasant; of quarrels.


 Broken and agitated sleep at night, with many vivid, anxious and frightful dreams (as if somebody were lying alongside of him in bed), frequent awakening with a start, heat with anxiety.

 Petroselinum sativum

 Sleep late, with many dreams.

 Phellandrium aquaticum

 Dreams: of lightening with fright; of a robbery in which he received many blows.

 Phosphoricum acidum

 Anxious dreams of death, with fear on waking. Lascivious dreams, with emissions.


 Dreams: anxious, distressing; lascivious; frightful and horrible; or vivid and uneasy; of animals which bite; of robbers; fire; of restless work and the business of the day (which he could not finish); bloodshed; death; quarrels; creeping things, etc. Nightmare.

 Physostigma venenosum

 Restless sleep with dreams.

 Picricum acidum

 Constant dreams; dream that she was pregnant.

 Pinus silvestris

 Dreams which seem when remembered like real occurrences.

 Piper methysticum

 Heavy sleep with disturbing but unremembered dreams. Dreams: curious, nonsensial, wild; amorous; of travelling by rail; active, vivid, last part of night, alternating with half-conscious waking; in afternoon, of fighting unknown men, left them to follow an unknown women, and when she left me found that she had conducted me to a prayer meeting, which must have changed to a restaurant, for I ordered a hamburg beef steak, but woke before it was served; of fire, heard the engines and firemen.

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 Plantago major

 Sleep restless; disturbed by dreams.

 Platinum metallicum

 Anxious dreams of wars and bloodshed. Lascivious dreams.

 Plectranthus fruticosus

 Troubled by confused, unremembered dreams before midnight.

 Plumbago littoralis

 Dreams of dead bodies.

 Plumbum metallicum

 Many dreams, sometimes lascivious, with erections.

 Polygonum hydropiperoides

 Sleep, restless, uneasy, full of dreams. Dreams: unremembered; laborious and fatiguing; of headache and wakes with headache. 

 Populus candicans

 Dreams: frightful, vivid; fearful after fitful sleep.

 Primula veris

 Sleeps well with pleasant dreams.

 Prunus spinosa

 Sleep full of dreams and phantasies. Dreams of furunculi; or of salt things.


 Restless sleep on account of disquiet dreams. Dreams: anxious in morning, of robbers (Ars., Nat-mur.), travel, and dangers; uneasy; earnest; that he is on the closet, and thus nearly spoils his bed (Sep., Sulph.); of his business and of his plans (Bry., Chel., Nux-vom.).

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 Ptelea trifoliata

 Sound sleep but haunted by frightful dreams. Dreams: vivid, of armies; of dead animals; of frighting; of food and awoke hungry.

 Pulsatilla pratensis

 Fearful, frightful, anxious, confused, vivid, disgusting, voluptuous dreams of quarrels and of business of the day; of spectres and of the dead. All her dreams are about men; a naked man wrapped in her bed clothes under her bed, while she has only a sheet to cover her.

 Pulsatilla nuttaliana

 Many dreams; confused.


 Dreams: of various things; of business.

 Radium bromatum

 Restless from dreams, awakes in fright. Dreams: of passing urine; fires; suicide; alarming; busy; active; with palpitation.

 Ranunculus bulbosus

 Anxious dreams of danger (on the water), or vivid and lascivious dreams.

 Ranunculus sceleratus

 Imperfect sleep after midnight; with anxious, frightful dreams, of corpses, serpents, beetles, etc.

 Ratanhia peruviana

 Dreams: of battles; sick people; quarrels, anger, vexation; funerals, death of friends; earthquakes.

 Rhus glabra

 Sleep: disturbed by annoying dreams; very restless. Dreams of flying through the air.

 Rhus toxicodendron

 Somnolency, full of distressing and broken dreams. Disturbed sleep with anxious and frightful dreams. Vivid dreams of the business of the day, with talking during sleep. Dreams that the world was on fire (Puls.); of great vexation; rowing; swimming, walking, climbing, working hard.

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 Robinia pseudacacia

 Dreams full of dispute, scolding, anger, cruelties which have happened, or will.

 Rumex crispus

 Unpleasant dreams: of danger and trouble; early in the morning; of being naked in the street; of murders; of autopsies.


 Anxious dreams. Continued dreams, full of fanciful images and intellectual efforts.

 Sambucus nigra

 Lascivious dreams.

 Sanguinaria canadensis

 Dreams: of sea voyages, with sensation of being rocked; of business matters; frightful.

 Sanicula aqua

 Lascivious dreams. Dreams of robbers and cannot sleep till the whole house is searched. Dreams of murder and remorse.


 Sleep disturbed by dreams; dreamed of urinating.

 Sarracenia purpurea

 Sleepy in daytime; sleep disturbed by strange and frightful dreams.

 Sarsaparilla officinalis

 Frightful dreams with frequent starts.

 Squilla maritima

 Dreamed that his body was excessively swollen; dream so vivid, on waking felt himself to see it was so.

 Scutellaria laterifolia

 Frightful dreams.

 Selenium metallicum

 Dreams of quarrels and unnatural cruelty.

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 Senecio aureus

 Great sleeplessness with vivid, unpleasant dreams. Dreams mostly of an intellectual character; memory very active.

 Sepia officinalis

 Agitated sleep, with violent ebullition of blood, continued tossing fantastic, anxious, frightful dreams of murder; falling from high mountain (Thuja). Dreams full of dispute, of urinating into chamber, but was wetting the bed (Sulph., Psor., Lac-can.); of mice, rats, snakes (Bell., Lac-can.); of spectres outside the window.

 Silicea terra

 Frightful visions at night, and many anxious and fantastic dreams; with tears, talking, cries and frequent waking with a start. Lascivious dreams (with emissions). Nightmare. Dreams of robbers, assasins, dogs, voyages, spectres, etc.

 Sinapis alba

 Sleep: in afternoon with vivid dreams; after eating. Vivid dreams of dead people and of death. Dreams: confused and unremembered; of foreign countries and dangerous expeditions.

 Sinapis nigra

 Dreams: vivid; or lascivious.

 Solanum mammosum

 Dreams of death with violent weeping.

 Solanum nigrum

 Dreams: waking him in terror, with sensation of falling from a great height; of snakes.

 Solanum tuberosum aegrotans

 Confused dreams, about fires, revolution, corpses, thieves, etc. Amorous dream. He seems that he is to dress or draw the body of drowned person, but is prevented in consequence of the body falling all the time on the clothes or paper. 

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 Dreams about men who become transformed to talking animals; that his hands are cut to pieces; that he is falling from a steeple. She dreams that she is eating human flesh; that she is swimming in a river, and cannot get out of it.

 Sphingurus martini

 Morning dream about a serpent. Many dreams.

 Spigelia anthelmia

 Confused dreams, which cause him to awake wearied, and which he cannot remember.

 Spiraea ulmaria

 Dreams: vivid during midday nap; in evening lascivious and emission.

 Spiranthes autumnalis

 Lascivious dreams with emission.

 Spongia tosta

 Sad, anxious, frightful dreams.

 Stannum metallicum

 Nocturnal agitation and many vivid dreams, anxious or lascivious.


 Disturbed sleep, with unquiet dreams, and frequent waking with a start. Child wakes, pushes everything away and wants everybody to go away; restless at night as from frightful dreams; calls for mother often. Lascivious dreams, with emissions.


 Agitated sleep, with vivid dreams.

 Strontium carbonicum

 Sleep, with many fantastic dreams.

 Strychninum purum

 Dreams: disagreeable; strange wanderings of the imagination.

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 Frequent, fantastic, anxious, frightful, and horrible, anger-exciting, disgusting and agitated dreams; dreams of danger from fire, of dogs which bite, of being possessed of fine clothes, of falling, of dangers of death (Thuja); dreams, with a presentiment concerning the events of the morrow. Vivid, beautiful, pleasant dreams. Happy dreams when one wakes up singing; busy all the time; wishing to touch something with inability to do so. Vivid dreams, remain impressed on the memory. Voluptuous dreams with seminal emissions. Vivid dreams that she is seated on the chamber, which causes her to wet the bed.

 Sulphuricum acidum

 Anxious dreams. Nightmare before menses.

 Sumbulus moschatus

 Dreams: of falling; vivid; of coitus; followed by profuse sudden emission.

 Taraxacum officinale

 Vivid unremembered dreams; frequent waking and tossing.

 Tarentula cubensis

 Dreams: of business; of drowning, sad with weeping.

 Teplitz aqua

 Dreams: incompleted; lively with increased sexual desire.

 Terebinthiniae oleum

 Many dreams. Nightmare.

 Teucrium marum verum

 Agitated sleep at night, from excessive excitement, with vivid dreams and frequent starts. Very vivid, most agreeable dreams.

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 Thea chinensis

 Nightmare. Horrible dreams, of murdering people; caused me no horror, and even after waking I found pleasure for a long time in the hideous remembrance.

 Theridion curassavicum

 Sleep long and dreamful at midday, dreams of journeys in distant regions and of horses (in one who scarcely ever sat upon a horse). Dreams that he broke off a teeth.

 Thuja occidentalis

 Distressing, anxious dreams, of dangers and death, of falling from a height, soon after falling asleep, or else with starts and cries, especially when lying on left side. Lascivious dreams, without emission of semen, with painful erections on waking. When asleep, dead persons appear to her; distinctly sees them, feels them (Elaps); thinks she is talking with them. Constant of the features of a corpse.

 Tilia europaea

 Vivid frightful dreams; skin of legs, especially over tibiae, bathed in perspiration.

 Trillium cernuum

 Sleep disturbed by frequent dreams. Dreams of festivities, sleigh-ride, etc.

 Tuberculinum bovinum kent

 Many dreams; disturbed sleep, interrupted by fearful dreams; gloomy dreams; dreams of shame; cries out in dreams. Waken from 3 to 4 a.m.  with terrible dreams; of snakes crawling upon my sister from the back; of darkgreen snakes three and four feet long, two inches in circumference, they seem like the snakes in my own country Colombia. 

 Ustilago maydis

 Sexual dreams; without emission; and disgusting, waking him, arose and urinated with difficulty and tenesmus.

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 Valeriana officinalis

 Disturbed sleep; with tossing and confused dreams.

 Veratrum album

 Dreams: anxious, of being bitten by a dog and cannot escape; of being hunted; of robbers, with frightened awakening and a fixed idea that the dream is true; of quarrels; frightful, followed by vomiting of a very tanacious, green mucus.

 Veratrum viride

 Dreams: frightful; of being on the water; of people drowning; about water, fishing, etc.; lively in which he was continually baffled and provoked.

 Verbascum thapsus

 Short sleep at night, lasting only till 4 a.m. , with anxious, frightful dreams of wars and dead bodies.

 Vichy aqua grande grille

 Fatiguing dreams, but sleep more prolonged than usual.

 Vinca minor

 Lascivious dreams.

 Viola tricolor

 Vivid and amorous dreams.

 Viscum album

 Sleep, dreamful; worring dreams of affairs of day.

 Wildbad aqua

 Sleep restless; full of confused dreams, wakes every few minutes feeling as if he had slept for hours. Dreams: disagreeable: forgetful; anxious; confused. Violent weeping in a dream, waking in perspiration.

 Xantoxylum fraxineum

 Dreams of flying about over tops of houses. A dream of suffocation woke her. Dreamed the throat grew up; and woke with fright, finding it difficult to breathe. 

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 Zincum metallicum

 Fantastic, frightful, agitated, or disgusting and terrific dreams, with talking and cries during sleep. Dreams: being strangled: after waking, fear the man who strangled her would return. Dreams of corpses; horses; which changed to dogs under him; of being smeared with human excrement. Quarrelsome, vexacious dreams.

 Zincum oxydatum

 Agitated sleep, with concourse of dreams of all kinds; with dreams of fire, of falling, of false coin; with fanciful ideas, and towards morning general perspiration.